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What is this I hear about Transcendental Meditation and higher states of consciousness?

I have heard there is something called cosmic consciousness and unified consciousness. What does this mean? Does anyone know?


  1. I practiced Transcendental Meditation for a couple of months, and the only difference I could notice was a bit of relaxation from day to day. What I learned from this and many other techniques is that meditation can only do one thing; suppress your Ego (Your desire to enjoy yourself). Our entire sensation of life (our consciousness) is dependent on this desire, and suppressing it limits our sensitivity to Nature. If you are seeking higher states of consciousness, you need to expand your desires in order to be filled with more of reality. There is a method to achieve these states of consciousness, and I browsed through Transcendental meditation and many other methods before I found it. I think you will like these links:

    • the suppress your ego thing by “john” is total BS. it’s just someone using the comment format to promote their meditation business, and they know nothing about Transcendental Meditation. anyone who practices and experiences what it’s really all about knows it’s way more than relaxation. look at the research studies. the guy promoting his meditation business has zero research to support his statements. in TM you totally transcend the ego, expand individual mind to cosmic mind, and that is what meditation is all about.

  2. Yes, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi not only revived the effortless, effective technique of Transcendental Meditation (TM.org), he also made clear what was possible for human life according to the ancient Vedic Tradition and according to the great sages who lived and are living these higher states of consciousness in their daily life. Before Maharishi there was much confusion about what higher states of consciousness were. He demonstrated how practical and desirable they were for everyone.
    We are all familiar with sleeping state of consciousness, the dream state of consciousness and the waking state of consciousness. There is a 4th state of consciousness, Transcendental Consciousness which The Transcendental Meditation Technique has made possible for everyone to experience and which has been verified by brain wave (EEG) research.
    When Transcendental Consciousness is experienced as a permanent, all time, 24 hour reality, underlying the other three states of Consciousness, then this is called Cosmic Consciousness. In Cosmic Consciousness the ego has been liberated and is identified with the Unified Field which is the basis of everything in creation. This 5th state of Consciousness can be identified by modern science in specific individuals as it has a unique brain wave (EEG) signature.
    There is a 6th state which is sometimes called Refined Cosmic Consciousness. In this state all the senses of percpetion become very refined, and enlivened, and are able to directly perceive levels of creation that most people are not able to perceive.
    When the most basic, most fundamental and most subtle basis of life, the Unified Field can be directly perceived as an all time reality, this is called Unity Consciousness – the seventh state of consciousness.
    None of these states of consciousness has anything to do with a “mood”. There are real, permanent unique styles of functioning of the human nervous system in higher states of consciousness. As modern science develops, it will increasingly reveal the wonderful, great, reality that is the birthright of every human being. What used to be thought impossible for human life has now come within reach.
    For more specific descriptions of these higher states of consciousness, please read the books written by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi listed below. If you want to start experiencing these higher states yourself, go to TM.org and contact the certified TM Teacher closest to you.

  3. It is the EGO that is the standing block between attaining that which you sought and that which the EGO sweeps on the mind.
    Remove the EGO and your trip will be unhindered. Hindrance enters from within one. It is not external to one as most would consider. Align the mind, the body to reach or connect with the SPIRIT.
    To the mind matters not what you call MEDITATION. To it is simply an alignment, nothing more nothing less. Colorless and transparent as the wind.


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