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what is this exactly – tingling sensation in upper left crown (against skull) and then …?

i was visited by light orbs – i got a tingling in my upper left skull and was instructed to sleep and then another “force” told me not to sleep – i blink slept and entered a black tunnel out of my body for like a milisecond and snapped back? what does this mean? said something about kundalini and now i feel really weird – don’t really like it at all
what is behind it?


  1. Talk to a psychiatrist!
    Did you by any chance consume any substances, illicit or otherwise? Sleeping pills can cause hallucinations. So can alcohol, especially when combined with sleeping pills. I’ve hallucinated on sleeping pills before.

  2. Before you assume a supernatural explanation check out the natural explanations:
    Paranoid Schizophrenia

  3. Either you are making this up entirely, or you had a very vivid dream, or you might have some sort of psycho-neurological injury or disorder. If there is any chance it is the latter, I would get to a doctor right away.

  4. It could be left temporal lobe epilepsy, so you might tell your Dr. and ask for a EEG.
    Or it could be you approaching a spiritual awakening and you should just go with it and interpret the meaning the best you can. I would get yourself checked, though.

  5. You may not believe this but that tingling sensation that you feel is the product of your own guilt…. Now if you don’t believe men then sk for forgiveness and wait a few minutes Foto that feeling to just vanish………


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