What is theosophy?





This question came from my other question on population control..
And please name some examples…


  1. It is an understanding of something spiritual – typically the nature of God or a teaching of God – that is based on a spiritual revelation through some special connection with God (vision, burning bush, dream, angel, God’s voice, etc).
    For example, when a prophet receives a revelation of God, that revelation is theosophy. In the Christian New Testament, when Peter saw the vision of the food descending from heaven, he learned that God saw all food as being good (changing his religious views) – this is a theosophy.
    A grouping of many theosophies forms the religious doctrine, and is often capitalized as Theosophy.

  2. In 1880’s Annie Besant was known responsible for popularizing Theosophy in the Western Hemisphere following her later conversion to it after meeting Madame Helena Protrovna Blavatsky (better known as simply Madame Blavatsky), a spiritualist who in 1875 founded the Theosophical Society, which focus was that of a spritual doctrine and practice she formulated from her learnings in Tibet and generally the great East.
    Later Besant would quickly apply her own skills and interpretation and learnings and enthusiasm to Blavatsky’s religious cause. After Madame Blavatsky died in 1891 at Besant’s home, the Theosophical Society split into two branches, with Besant as President of one branch.
    Besant was a popular writer and speaker for Theosophy. She often collaborated with her early proponents of it in her theosophical writings and would later move to India to study Hindu ideas (karma, reincarnation, nirvana) which were foundational to Theosophy, which ideas and aims also brought her to work on behalf of ‘Spiritualism’ in addition to vegetarianism in addition again to speeches on behalf of Theosophy with respect to social reform (which was her original legacy as an activist). Besant lived in India until her death in Madras in the early 1930’s.
    Note that Blavatsky’s and later Besant’s ideas were but teachings gleaned from well-established knowledge and doctines practiced and taught in the Eastern Hemisphere for centuries, especially that of India’s and somewhat Tibet’s, depending on what branch of Theosophy is referred to.

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