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What is the worst thing that can happen when practicing alchemincy?

My friend and I were watching “full metal alchemist” on adult swin last night and decided we wanted to learn alchemincy. we got a few results when we were focusing our energy into a alchemy star. we each got to make a black aura pulse but that’s preety much it then we went outside and tried to make water out of earth(we got some wet spots from underneath the rock). then we started to wonder what would be the worst thing that can happen when practicing it. what is the worst thing that could happen?


  1. You mean alchemy? You turned rock into water. Right.
    So, it’s a debunked science, you can ask Socrates and Plato about it, read up on them.
    You may want to look into essential oils and aromatherapy.

  2. It’s “alchemy” not alchemincy.
    The worst thing that came from alchemy was the discovery of hydrochloric acid, which I suggest you avoid.

  3. dude just shut up. that isn’t frickin alchemy. Alchemy is more of a science. if u want to know what the hell it is, it’s basically the belief that if you superheat certain metals continuously for multiple years without stopping, you will produce a stone that can combine with other metals and turn them to gold. it is also believed that if you melt parts of this stone, you can drink it and prolong your life (elixir of life).

  4. its that early version of chemistry a certain amount of ritual and such was involved as alchemists had no concept of quantum physics and the way atoms react in relation to one another, full metal alchemist is absolute twoddle, the bad things which could come from practicing chemistry in ignorance are that you could cause an explosive reaction and kill yourself or create poisonous gas and kill yourself


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