What is the wiccan/pagan perspective on a wedding during a lunar eclipse?

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My boyfriend and I are trying to settle on a date for your wedding. We are thinking seriously about June 15th, 2011 as it has special meaning for us. However, not only is it the Full Moon (part of what makes it special) it is also a Total Lunar Eclipse.
The ceremony would likely be early afternoon or morning, but our reception would go well into the evening and I am curious how this sort of event might effect things and what it will say about our marriage, if anything.

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Twilight is for fags.


I think early morning would be very romantic. At that time it neither be morning nor night. Congratulations.

Love me, hate me, it's all the same

I am not Wiccan, I am of another sect of Witchcraft/Paganism, it should have no barring on the handfasting ritual. Blessings, and may your life together be prosperous. ORLY: Then you must looooove Twilight.

Didactic Dilletante

When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, someone might give a $hit about your wedding.
Until then, please stop bothering us.

pǝʞɔıʍ ɥɔʇıʍ™ of the West

I don’t think it will effect your marriage, unless you let it.
I think it would be a pretty cool way to celebrate, Total Lunar eclipses happen pretty rarely, as do really lasting relationships, it could symbolize, for you, the rarity and precious nature of your relationship.
May you be blessed

Dr. Eric vonAnderseck

Nothing will really transpire but the imagination about the event will stimulate the passions.
God’s Time-line

Scarlet MacBlu

It will not effect your marriage if you are a well-balanced and well-matched couple. Astrological events don’t “do” anything to people, at least not long-term. Even if you believe that your zodiac sun-sign or the date of your birth says something about your life, it isn’t that the planets dictate your fate, it’s that they show your patterns. Since your patterns are already in motion, the date of your wedding (which is something you control vs your birthdate which you don’t control) will have little effect on the state of your marriage.
Full moons are great dates for weddings. The lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth’s shadow passes over the moon. The moon is still there, but the light from the sun doesn’t reach it. This could possibly have a very grounding influence. Any effect it will have is likely to be temporary, lasting only until the moon is again visible, and thus has no effect on your marriage as a whole, just the energy of the party you’ll be throwing.
Congrats and best of luck!

Crystal clear

Why are you and your boyfriend trying to settle on a date for my wedding?
LOL Like the typo.
Anyway…that’s a matter of personal choice/preference to you. If you like the date, go for it. Eclipses are a natural occurance, nothing to be feared. As a Wiccan I strive to live in harmony with nature, I would think such an event on the day of a lunar eclipse to be pretty cool actually. Perhaps I would include something in the ritual about the total eclipse casting out any shadows of doubt and fear that you have starting this new chapter of your life. You could also work the triple goddess into the ritual, accept the eclipse as her gift, her blessing of your marriage by appearing throughout the evening in all three of her phases…bringing your marrige the youthful joy of the maiden, the fertility of the mother, and the wisdom of the crone.
From a magical perspective, a lunar eclipse is a time when the moon, the sun, and the earth are all in perfect alignment. Our planet sits between these two great bodies, and we feel the pull of the moon on one side, with the warmth of the sun on the other. In some traditions, this phenomenon is considered to be representative of the Goddess in all three forms – the maiden, the mother, and the crone. Regardless, it’s a time when everything just falls into place, so any sort of magical workings are fair game during a lunar eclipse.

MM Olis-Salvatuna

my wedding day coincidentally falls on a lunar eclipse, I want to find out its meaning…


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