What is the use of magick wand?

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What is the use of magick wand in spell casting?
Can a magick wand be made with a ordinary stick?

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L the Super Detective!(Atheati)

i use one every night


Ask Harry Potter.


Serafina Pekkala can tell you…

Engelbert Humperdinck

Ask all the women I have loved before. They know the use of the magic wand that is Engelbert Humperdinck’s because mine is no ordinary stick.
Go with Engelbert, my child.

ericabishop691 I'm STILL sad

to direct energy. I have one,

ǝlqnoɹʇ & lıoʇ lǝzɐɥɥɔʇıʍǝldɹnd

The wand is mostly used for directing energy during spellworking, blessing, cleansing etc.
If when you say ordinary stick you mean a branch we’ve found, then yes. Some people might go out and buy them, imo i find that impersonal. Also as far as i’ve seen, store bought are expensive, one you make yourself can cost very little to nothing at all. With a home made one you can from scratch sand it (or leave it natural), put on symbols, ribbons, stones, whatever you feel is right for you, and then it holds only your hearts desires, and has not been interferred with by other people.
Each one is different, each holder is different and will use it in different times. I don’t know if all wiccans or pagans use them, i wouldn’t think so. There are other objects that can be used for directing the energy apart from wands so again it’s up to the group or individual, there’s no set rule.

Wanda M

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Magic has long been known to only stem from drugs and trickery- or direct power from satan.
If you really want true power- from satan- I guess go for it.
I think I’ll stick with my Bible. It’s quick, powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing unto the dividing of separation of soul and spirit.

°Oo Naryssa Twilight oO°

It is used in rituals to direct energy. You can make one yourself with any branch you find, but you’d best not cut one off a tree. It’s more fun to make one yourself because you can decorate it the way you want and it will be connected to you and your energy.


As many have already said, Wands are a tool used by various religious traditions in order to direct “energy.” Some religious traditions have similar items or completely different items for similar means. Even the Catholic Church uses items to “direct energy” crucifixes, censures, and candles just to name a few. (These are all items that are infused with energy for a purpose.) Though most Protestants do not use “tools” to direct energy, they still use their hands and arms. (The laying of hands on your brother, look it up in the Bible.) Most those who have studied various magic(k)al arts or religions which involve such things will tell you that you can use your arms or hands instead of a wand. I find this to be true. However most wands are made of woods with varying “magic(k)al” properties. Some contain healing properties, others properties of love or joy, and some are used to expel. (Go here: http://goldentreewands.com/magicpropertiesofwood.htm for an explanation of the common perspective on the properties of woods.) Other wands can be made from metals which also contain “magic(k)al” properties. (Go here: http://www.magick-whispers.com/metals.htm for an explanation of the common perspective on the properties of metals.) Wands can be adorned with gems or stones that compliment their purpose. (Go here: http://www.tween-the-shadows.com/magick/gemstone_crystals_magickal_properties.php for an explanation of the common perspective on the properties of gemstones.) You can add ribbons, markings, and anything else you can think of which would work harmoniously with the other elements of your wand for its intended purpose. The decision is up to you.


As a magickal tool the wand is used to focus and direct, usually qualities of the element of Air. Two of its primary uses are to send messages and create personal temporary shields. There are differences of opinion concerning the element assigned, but much of that depends on the paradigm the wielder works in. Like others here have pointed out it can be a fun tool to make yourself and that would be my recommendation. Also, the production of the wand goes a long ways towards empowering it.


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