what is the underlying problem.?

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I am a 32 years old man, and I have some questions regarding the way I have always felt. You see:
-I always slept 10-12 hours whan I could[even more]
-I am prone to giving up, based on the fact that I have no mental or physical energy
-I never had any DECISION MAKING skills[notjust procrastinatin, but planning]
-I can be enthusisatic however I lose interest
-I feel lethargic and need lots of cofee
-I am prone to worrying and anxiety
-I cannot concentrate, for example whren I try to do meditation [zazen] my mind goes all over the place
-I am always a bit fatiqued, with no energy
In spite of that, ie of the lack of energy, lack of concentration I still managed to finish an university.
However, EVEN TOUGH I AM CONSCIOUSLY AND MENTALLY AWARE of my shortcomings, I am still not able to function at a normal level, to organize my life and follow some guidelines.
Are there any test [I am thinking glandular maybe ..] that can explain these shortcoming?
Many thanks.

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Possibly there is no focus in your life (such as a family) and hence no real reason to try. Also possible that there were some HUGE losses in the past that left its mark… hard to tell. After really big hits life can sometimes seem surreal until you can get past things a bit. I would suspect that you might benefit from seeing a psychologist just to help sort it out for you so you can then address your issues.


Yes. Go get tested, but I can tell you, It’s what you eat and exercise. Most people never get enough exercise. You must fit it in to your schedule. Then you won’t sleep so much. And eat lot’s of veggies. And stop the stimulates. Your body is telling you it’s had enough. You won’t regret it! Good Luck-Peace


Sounds like depression to me. Go and talk to your doctor.


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