what is the ultimate black white magic the gathering deck?

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i am a begginer and my friends know what they are doing so i want to beat them. HELP!!!!
already played a red burn deck and my friens all use black or red so whats best to counter that?

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AskCookieMonster ANYTHING!!!

b&w don’t work well 2gether. if u just starting out, u should stick 2 a singl color anyway. i would recommend a speed deck, a bunch of 1/1 to 3/3 creatures, & cheep direct dmg spells lik lightning bolts & flame lash. red is th best color for speed decks


You may want to start out mono white. Soltari Priest, Tivadar of Thorn, Paladin En Vec, Silver Knight, Circle of Protection: Red, Circle of Protection: Black, Story Circle, Akroma, Angel of Wrath all hurt the crap out of red and black decks. There are also a lot of older white critters that have protection from either black or red to look out for if you have an old collection. Voice of All is another great way to go. If you have them available, Umezawa’s Jitte is an unquestioned game winner, which is why it’s a $15 card. If you wanna go black/white, look into the Ravnica stuff and some Time Spiral. You get Mortify, Necrotic Sliver, Teysa, Orzhov Scion, Skeletal Vampire, Debtor’s Knell, the list goes on. It’s hard to give you a specific deck list, as I don’t have your collection in front of me to look at and sort through. However, either way, you can build something with white to hate the crap out of black and red. Story Circle is the esaiest way to do it, as black and red CAN’T kill enchantments.


White is usually the way to go against red and/or black decks. There are a number of creatures that have protection from those colors and ways to prevent damage to yourself as well. White is also known for its small creatures and enchantment/artifact control. White is a good starter in my mind, and then you can move onto red and/or green with mana boosts to your deck and then conclude with black and/or blue. After experimenting with what the colors offer, you can choose what combination if any you would like to use.

Massimo A

ok to all u who dont know shit about magic white can be hands down the best colar its also the hardest if ur starting out go to anycraze and look for a good cleric deak there black and white and have sick cards


I am also a noob to magic but when I made my first deck on my own it was a black,white deck which generally consisted of really strong mosters, life cards, and some enhancement and instants here and there. So far with it though I have beaten a mil deck, a rainbow (all 5 colors) deck both in 4 turns. It just all depends on what cards you have and what cards you put in your deck and once you get to know your friends decks a little better you’ll find there decks weakness and build your deck that way.


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