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What is the type of Buddhist meditation called where you focus on your actions while you are doing them?

A Buddhist teacher once told us that their is more than one type of meditation in Buddhism. In one of the meditations, he said that “when you are walking, know you are walking”. He said that, in this meditation, a person always concentrates on what he is doing, no matter what he is doing during the day. So therefore, if he is defecating, he must even focus on that and experience it for all it’s worth. What is this type of meditation called?
Thank you all for your answers. To the people who said “mindfulness”: do you mean “right mindfulness” as part of the eight-fold path?


  • This Buddhism teaches you how to be aware of your body , mind and soul. For that just start watching your breath 24 hrs observing 100% silence so that you will concentrate your mind on one thing only ie, on breath. The mind is brought under control and we can order our mind instead of becoming a slave to that . This practice will further make you aware of your reactions for cravings and aversions and you can start avoiding additional seeds that which comes as a form of reactions .This again puts you in the cycle of birth and death which is a cause for sufferings. we can go deep in the subject by our personal experiences. By this practice we can totally be relieved of sufferings as we will be able to accept the sufferings and pleasures with equanimous mind and the final stage of liberation.

  • It is actually called sati-sampaja~n~naa in pali, which is translated ‘mindfulness & clear comprehension’.

    It is one of six aspects of the contemplation of the body, on the body (kaayaanupassanaa) to be found in the Discourse on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.


    This is part of the vipassanaa (insight) / mindfulness part of practice.

    … and yes, mindfulness is the right mindfulness which is part of the Noble Eightfold Path. : )


    Best Wishes,

    a. r.

  • It’s called mindfulness. It’s not so much a buddhist idea as a taoist idea that the buddhists have adopted. Taoist parables are full of stories emphasizing the importance of complete awareness at all times. This is not so much meditation as training the attention. It is useful for being in meditation to have a strong attention though. Simply paying attention to what you’re doing is only a part of it though, there are many other things that have an effect on the attention as well.

  • This is called witnessing or awareness or mindfullness technique of meditation . This is a natural way of meditation and has come from ZEN monks in the series of Budhism.

  • It’s called Mindfulness and it’s not meditation it’s a technique FOR CORRECT meditation. The two main types of sitting meditation are insight meditation ( Vipassana ) and a more free free flowing meditation (Samadhi). In insight meditation one focuses on how things really are, on who we as a human with defilement and good, are in actuality. without judgment or the roles we have to play in society. In Samadhi, we let our thoughts run thru our head, we do not cling to them or try to push them out. It’s like our thoughts are floating leaves flowing down a river, we watch, observe, let them pass out of sight. Correct meditation requires mindfulness, good concentration without mindfulness is like building a house without a plan, going thru life unawares of the deeper levels. Jumping like a monkey from branch to branch. As if we are going thru task after task without a conscious.
    And of course several different techniques, walking meditation, levels of Zen and Zazen meditation. Too much for this letter.
    Thich Nhat Hanh goes even farther (Vietnamese Monk) he say even when going to the bathroom he walks mindfully and observes and knows “I am going to the bathroom now.”

  • “You may pile up dung and call it sandalwood, but when you burn it, it will give off only the odor of dung. You may pile up a lot of great lies and call them the teachings of the Buddha, but they will never be anything but a gateway to the great citadel of hell of incessant suffering.” The Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin pg.714

  • In general, it’s called mindfulness, or mindful awareness: being present in the moment, aware of the moment, even when, especially when you aren’t engaged in nominally ‘prayerful’ activities.

    The Buddhists may have a word of their own, but the concept is wide spread.

  • Normally this would be called practicing “mindfulness.” It is something that all are encouraged to do as a matter of living. If we are mindful we live only in the present moment, foresaking the past and ignoring the future. We become more conscious of our emotions and our feelings and the reasons why we act as we do. There would be much more peace and tranquility in the world if each person cultivated like this. It is hard to do evil when one’s thoughts are being so closely scrutinized and our mind in the process is being purified.

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