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What is the true nature of "consciousness"?

I know everyone this is a hard question, but please don’t take it too seriously? What are your thoughts?
I think it is more than that. Are you saying animals that do not have a sense of themselves are not conscious? That doesn’t seem reasonable to me. For example a bat who can use her sonar to weave through a forest and nip a fly right out of the air, definately is conscious.


  1. This is not a difficult question at all. Consciousness is, quite simply, the ability to recognize oneself as an individual and do what is necessary to upkeep that individuality. Consciousness is the ability to make choices and to stand by them. Consciousness is the ability to recognize what is good and what is bad, not based on what other people say, but based on what one thinks. Consciousness is the ability to stand alone and be proud of standing alone. Consciousness is what our mind was designed to experience, though there are some that never fully realize it.

  2. I like this, and wanted to do a “thesis” on it, but I figured, and still do, that it is akin to grasping at thin air, unto nothing, and yet still say it’s substantial.
    To me, consciousness delves into the realm of spirituality – that means, stripping your flesh bare, and entering the thought bubbles formed by the synaptic neurons of your head.
    To talk about consciousness, is to be able to access unknown phenomena related to humans – parapsychology, astrology, and psychism.

  3. I you look in a mirror and know that the person looking back is you, you’re conscious. Most people by age two pass this test, as do half of all chimps, and some bottlenose dolphins, orcas, orangutans, gorillas, and elephants.
    I think it’s a bit more subtle than that, but for a first pass I like the mirror mark test.

  4. In the words of Rene Descartes: “Cogito ergo sum”
    Thinking is existence; consciousness is thinking or the ability to think – and as a consequence of this comes this ability to make decisions etc. i don’t think that the ability to think constitutes consciousness before that of choice etc.


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