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What is the true identity of the heart?

Is it the subconscious? How is it related to the mind?


  1. the heart is the subjective side of ur mind, and it can get in the way of making u do the right decision. usually, it isn’t subconcious, but out in the open, telling u wat it feels about the situation.

  2. The heart is evil because it is so weak to temptation. The mind is stronger than the heart because it does not get weakened so easily. The mind will think then act. Just as God said the heart is evil.

  3. There are nine levels of consciousness and there are no strata, just probability shells. The heart is mind-heart and that includes all of the organs and their web of controls and glands. It includes all of the brain because emotions and their input-output are so complex . There are three thousand aspects to a single thought and that number is a simplification for Chinese cultural significance. So the heart of emotion is an effect of the decisions a person make in what heshe chooses to believes. The choices of beliefs drive everything else-all 3000 aspects.

  4. The heart in it’s true nature is directly connect with our Creator also known as Krishna, Allah, Jehovah, Vishnu, Allah, Rama, etc. God is situated within the heart of every living being and in every atom. Omnipresent. When one realizes their constitutional position as spirit soul and eternal loving servant of God then they have realized them self and can see God situated within their own heart and everywhere. Says Science Of Self Realization by Bhaktivedanta Prabhlpada The mind is an extension of the heart and can be purrified to see the true heart. (Not the one just made of flesh and blood.)

  5. the thing that pumps blood through your body. not really subconcious, as much as it is ‘autonomic (without concious control). It is related to the mind in the sense that you will eventually become brain dead if the heart stops pumping.

  6. Some think of the beating heart to be the same as the
    part of you that’s in the inner you.
    It is in your mind where you believe.Where your emotions
    are and decisions are made. The deepest part of you!
    The part of you that says I Love You!

  7. The heart is in inner part of your appearance and your direction. It is what tells you what to do or what to hold into. It tells you what to decide or what to think of when you’re lost. Your heart is a guide to your mind and a reach to your soul.

  8. dope thread y’all. IMO, the heart is the seat of not just your true desires, but the motivation to acquire those things. Sometimes your ego may think it wants something really bad and you suffer until you attain it or move on, but the heart, the heart feels your truth. It propels you forward when you listen to it with a silent mind. I’ve known a lot of people who were all mind and no heart. Lots of powerful ambitions but absolutely no ability to go out and get it. The mind is dry and cold, and rational. Where you may be trying to make sense of what you want and why you want, your heart waits bc desires don’t have to be rational to be legitimate. The heart listens to other people and connects us. It feels for other people. Pretty much it is awesome. Some people have a big one, some have a small one, in which case they rely on other sources of motivation to understand and enjoy their existence. Regardless, denial of the heart is denial of the true self.


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