What is the third eye and how is it significant?

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The third eye is a mythical eye in which your brain can see into the spirit world.
I believe it goes back to the discovery of the pineal gland, which is a gland, which until recently, was not understood. It looks like an eye and is located in your forehead. Occultists capitalized on this misunderstood organ and claimed it was our third eye. In recent years, the pineal gland has been discovered to control certain chemicals in the brain, and works as your “biological clock” making you tired, and waking you up etc.
Now the concept of the third eye seems to have drifted away from the physical body part and become a spiritual eye.

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the third eye, as it is metaphorically called, is obviously not an “eye” at all but a way of looking at something with more insight than you normally have access to.
In order to function in the world, we have to see MOST things rather superficially. But there are certain moments when we see everything we know about that thing at the exact same time. And it looks DIFFERENT.
it’s similar to meeting someone and thinking that they are almost ugly. Then as you get to know them, you are quite surprised when you look at them, NOW they actually seem BEAUTIFUL.
What changed?
Your third eye saw them.


You may not believe this, but I found that the third eye factor originated in India. Different cultures today bare their own beliefs, and reasons for them due to what initiated it. In my research, I discovered that the occupants of certain Ufos in ancient times gave people religious building blocks for their cultural beliefs. Modern Ufo cases disclose details of beings baring a third, yet round eye, in the forehead. You may think that this is purely coincidental, but it isn’t.


If you are a reptile you may really have a third eye
“A parietal eye, also known as a parietal organ or third-eye, is a part of the epithalamus present in some animal species. The eye may be photoreceptive and is usually associated with the pineal gland, regulating circadian rhythmicity and hormone production for thermoregulation”
If you are a human you don’t.


In studies of the human energy field there are 7 major chakras: Crown, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, base, and ajna. The ajna is an energy center located in the middle of the forehead which is considered to control the energy flows for all of the other chakras. In fact, each of the other chakras are represented as being part of the ajna.
Ancient buddhist healing techniques incorporated a process of enabling the energy to flow freely through the ajna. Often in Hindu and Buddhist paintings, you will see light emanating from the center of the forehead, and sometimes it is actually represented as an eye. The people and gods who are represented this way are considered to be enlightened and sometimes powerful. These religions believe that when the energy is flowing freely through the ajna, it provides a person with enhanced perception and with a greater ability to integrate their perceptions of the world. Currently, the process involved with allowing this energy to flow freely through the ajna is sometimes called “opening the third eye”.
The eastern religions do not view psychic abilities as a goal, but rather as a side effect of enlightenment. Though their enlightened gods are sometimes represented with some psychic abilities, they are revered for their knowledge and enlightened state. In modern culture, the third eye is often refered to as a sign of psychic abilty, but that is a simplification of the original proposal that the opening of the ajna is a gateway to enlightenment.
As was stated in an answer above, the ajna is often considered to be connected to the pineal gland which is located, not in the forehead but in the center of the brain. All chakras are all at least loosely associated with a physical body part, and the suble energies associated with the ajna are the only major chakra energies that emanate from a part of the brain.
There are a number of sites that discuss chakras, colors, and energies of the body, but the most accurate representations I have seen are associated with a technique called Esoteric Healing which was originated by a woman named Alice Bailey. Her texts are dense, technical, and very difficult to read, but there are a number of practitioners of Esoteric Healing who have produced texts which provide summaries of her work. I’ve included a link to the US website below.

3rd eye

hmm 3rd eye is my display name and avatar
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3rd eye actually has reference to the underdeveloped pineal gland of our endocrine system
The myth goes that we had a v. active pineal gland in earlier years..that gave us the ‘sixth sense’ of real time intuition ESP, empathy and other powers…however over the time this gland has become almost vestigial in human adults..as in it has a small function to play in babies and is v. little use for rest of adult life
This gland is placed towards the end of the brain..so it would be like if we point to between our brows (or the 3rd eye) thats where you will find it
We can reactivate this gland by meditation and other techniques…to activate its complete potential
Going by the chakra system it is represented by the picture in my avatar

mama penguin of destruxion

ok watch this have u ever held like a something up to your 3rd eye area dont touch it but just kind of waver it there it feels like warped or something its a generally creepy and itchy or just plain wierd its like when u feel like someone is going to touch your skin but they havent even touched it yet that is kind of what ur 3rd eye is because it can sence what it cannot see touch it feels it u see what i mean ahah
anyways try it


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