What is the term for an unheard sound covered by other sound, used to influence people to do something?

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This is some kind of hypnotizing technique, where a certain sound, usually a command for someone to do something, is made unheard able and covered with other heard-able sound, usually some music. People will think that they are listening to this music, but actually, they are hearing the other sound, which their subconscious mind will accept it, and drive their conscious mind to do as ordered.

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I think “subliminal” is the term you’re looking for.
It means “below the line” or “below the limit”, in this case, the limit being the limit of conscious observation/perception.

Dr. Philosophy

a subliminal message

No Real Help

As stated, subliminal messages; but a person won’t do something they wouldn’t do ordinarily, contrary to Hollywood’s depiction of the use of such tactics.


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