• It could be many different cards. The ones that come to mind immediately are the Page, Knight and King of Cups for indicating a blue-eyed man.

  • The cards would not be so specific as that. It might say someone new is about to enter into the scene, but it’s not going to be that descriptive as to describe things like that.

    Otherwise all the readers would be down at the race track.

  • That’s practically the same as saying “You will have a bad day someday”

    You’ll probably meet at least a hundred blue-eyed men in your life total, I don’t see what is so special about a tarot card that says that.

    Besides, sometimes people who believe in such things begin “self fulfilling prophesies”. You think you’re meant to marry a blue – eyed man, so you purposely look at any blue-eyed man as a prospective husband. And quite possibly start a relationship with one and get married yadayada. The tarot card predicted nothing; you just made yourself fall in love with someone that fit that description.

  • Any of them, really.

    The “best” Tarot readers use cold-reading techniques which draw people into giving up information, then making it seem like it was the cards which “revealed” that information.

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