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What is the tarot card that has a VIII on it, with elaborate crossed 'C's? It also has birds on it. Meanings?

In the middle of the crossed C-looking shapes, there is a star-type thing in the middle. I’ve looked in 2 different books and many different online sources and cannot find an answer.
Go to my profile for a picture of the card itself!


  1. VIII is normally Justice (sometimes known as Fortitude). This card symbolises the Universal Law, the Law of Balance between polarities such as positive and negative. This card is a symbol of equilibrium.
    Ah, I can see from the picture that this is Justice … the things that look like C’s are the twin pillars of justice … in this case they are bent, which is unusual. That looks like a hexagram in the middle, which is another symbol of balance.

  2. VIII is probably either strength or justice, I can’t be sure because the picture is rather small and I have never seen that version of card before.


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