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What is the symbolism of a Wiccan rosary?

I’m making a rosary for a Catholic friend of mine and while I was searching for a crucifix, I noticed several parts for Wiccan rosaries. I understand a bit of the meaning behind the Catholic rosary, but I had no idea there were Wiccan ones as well. What do the different parts of the rosary mean in the Wiccan religion? Or is this sort of rosary used by anyone under the Pagan umbrella?


  1. I periodically come across these. There is no standard to a Wiccan rosary, and I’ve never actually met someone who uses one. Each rosary is likely to be different, with different symbolism, unless of course one person is copying off of another person’s rosary design.

  2. I’ve only heard of Wiccan prayer beads, but I’m guessing you’re referring to the same thing. I think they’re just a symbolic object used to strengthen prayers or used during rituals.

  3. Rosaries (or Prayer Beads) are merely tools for meditation in prayer. The style of rosary is dependant on the individual. Many will use a rosary in the style of the catholic rosary, while others will use merely a string of beads to keep count. There really isn’t any symbolism behind it, just another tool in their religion.

  4. Never heard of a “Wiccan” rosary. The whole rosary thing is a Christian affectation. Perhaps it is a misnomer for meditation beads or meditation knots that are often used by many of the non-Abrahamic religions.
    I have a set of meditation knots that my HPS made, but never heard of Wiccan prayer beads, since Wiccans, as part of their practice do not really do prayer.

  5. I hate to say this, but right now you could probably find a Wiccan CrockPot if you searched the right places. People just like slapping the name of our religion on things to make the sale.

  6. The Rosary is a Catholic prayer so a Wiccan would have no need for rosary beads. What you probably saw were Mala beads, which are used in meditation.

  7. witches have rosaries. they actually believe in prayer too. and they believe only in good. so yeah they have them. i’m a witch. and i have two. i use them to pray for people. i normally pray for the sick. and right now i’m praying for a girl who was raped at 8. and i send love and prayer to them.


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