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What is the subconscious mind?


  1. See my answer to your question about the unconscious mind. I consider the unconscious and subconscious as terms that mean the exact same thing.

  2. The Subconscious part of the mind is where data is filed for future reference. It contains genetically inherited information, suppressed information of adverse and emotionally damaging traumatic experiences that are retained and determine the way we react, behave and hold opinions. It also influence most behavioral patterns and thought processes. Memories retained there are also part of the cognized behavioural pattern unique to the individual. The minds senses have an awareness of perception based upon what the subconscious filters through to its central system. When we san information searching for words and ideas consciously, there is a subconscious part of our brain, clicking away in the background in similar fashion, directing thought patterns to a determined objective. Dogmatism and fixed opinions arise from constriction in these neurological channels hindering escape from what is a network web and maze within which we are entrapped until we recognize, understand and overcome. This is a direct reflection of the universal dilemma and matrix mankind are at times aware of, seemingly an inescapable web of chaos and misleading falsehoods striving to confuse and complexity so fearful it is of the greater world, or being left behind. Understanding a simplified account of the workings of the mind assists in controlling emotions and moods. Delving into its labyrinths and abysses can be a traumatic experience and approached for being so. Playground battles and mummy away for longer than expected leave deep emotional scare arousing a searing pain if stoked. Comprehension of this fact will aid in overcoming such deterrents to our full and final freedom.


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