What is the subconscious mind? In general, what does it do?





Are there any good websites the you know of?


  1. Get the book-The power of your subconscious mind-it is great and will teach you so much.I read it reread it and will read it again.Your subconscious mind is you-its your mind-its very powerful.Your conscious mind is when you are awake-your subconscious is when you are asleep-that is the best way that I know how to put it in words.

  2. The subconscious mind is all the parts of our mind that we are not aware of. There are a lot of these parts; they are by far the largest section of our minds. Different people use the term to refer to just some one particular part of all those things, but the subconscious does everything you don’t think about. It runs your body, keeping the heart beating and regulating your body temperature and hundreds of other things. It takes in and compares all the input from your senses and decides which ones are important enough to pass on to the conscious mind, It compares those sense inputs to everything in your entire memory and calculates how you should feel about them. If there is something you don’t want to think about or do, your subconscious will watch for it and try to block it. If you want to wake up at a particular time and you do, without an alarm clock, that is your subconscious helping you, keeping track of the time while your conscious mind sleeps. Everything you don’t actually notice thinking about is part of your subconscious, I don’t know of any really good websites, but I will include a couple that aren’t too bad, though limited, to start you off.

  3. hte subconsious mind is a very powerful side of your brain which can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Far more powerful than one may think…

  4. The subconscious (also called the ‘unconscious’) is that part of our mind that stores all our experiences and all our memories. Most of the time we can function just fine without needing to unlock our unconscious. However there may be times when you wonder ‘Why do I always end up picking a partner who treats me badly?’ or ‘I wonder why I drink too much’ or ‘My friends say I am a workaholic – I wonder why that is?’
    This is when it might be useful to understand our unconscious processes – why we behave and act the way we do. Dreams can be a great way of unlocking our unconscious, as that is when our conscious mind is asleep and our unconscious mind gets to come out and play!
    Psychoanalytic psychotherapy also seeks to help people understand their unconscious processes and behaviours.
    If you want to find out more, start by reading up on Freud and Jung.

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