Home Discussion Forum What is the study behind this? anything with Freud's theories?

What is the study behind this? anything with Freud's theories?

I have heard from several people that girls playing with their hair (twisting the ends) is a subconscious way of flirting, and that licking your lips is also a kind of sexual act in which you want the person you like to notice you. Are there any theories out there? I’m interested in all this and want to look it up. I was thinking Freud because he deals with all the subconscious and sexual mind! Anyone know the name of this theory?


  1. Anything and everything was sexual for Freud.
    Bottom line: hair twisting is usually a little self-soothing habit picked up in childhood, and lip licking is often related to dry lips and/or hunger.
    Much to Freud’s chagrin, not everything is sexual. Dull but true.
    ~Dr. B.~

  2. According to evolutionary psychology, people (or more usually girls are the subject of these theories- possibly a misogynistic throwback as girls are interpreted as being demure and needed to look attractive- but that’s another issue for another time!) carry out certain behaviours to attract a mate. It’s a non verbal way of communicating our interest.
    Evolutionary psychology therories are very difficult to falsify however.

  3. It’s called body language, and there has been quite a bit of study about it. Police use it when questinong suspects to look for indications that they are lying, gamblers use to see when their fellow players are bluffing, shrinks use it, employment psychologists use it – and people use it see what the opposite sex is thinking…
    Here are some web sites about dating body language. There are lots more on the web – look them up.
    And, yes, playing the hair and licking the lips are generally considered to be ‘come on’ flirting signals.


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