What is the spiritual significance of the serpent?

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The serpent appears in numerous cultures, in mythology and in religious writings. Is it symbolic of kundalini? Is it a metaphor for something else? How is it that hissssssstory of almost all cultures contain mention of a serpent? What’s your take on it?
Wow, there are some awesome answers! I learn so much from many of you. 😀

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dont you believe in word of mouth too? such things can be passed down verbally like with the flood too where its written down many places! Satan posessed the snake and now it crawls..


the snake is a symbol of change and rebirth. Snakes shed their skin and leave it behind. I think it’s monthly and connected with the lunar cycle, just like women slough off their interior linings monthly.
They are amazing and dangerous creatures.

Chris Stanton

I’ve actually noticed in many groups the serpent has a significance as a spiritual empowerment.
In Egyptian culture, there was the Uraeus seprent [You can see small parts of it on the pictures of Gods. Look at the headdress]. Those small ones are the shards of it inherent in life. There is actually a giant one that begets the smaller ones.
In Hinduism, there is Kundalini. The enery in te basal chakra, which can be refined to spitritual power.
In Judeo-Christianity, it has prominence twice. The first is in Eden. If you take a Jewish understanding, the serpent made man equal to god, but god prevented the full development out of fear [Not letting them eat from the Tree of Life]. In Exodus, a serpent was placed on a pole for healing.
Next, the serpent symbolizes eternity; note the ones with the tale in the mouth.
I think it’s because it was the first creature ourt ancestors really needed to learn survival skills from.


As an occultist I see the serpent as a symbol of divine wisdom and of some of the wise teachers that have come down through the ages. The Master Jesus has said to be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves.It is as well a symbol of those that have taken the fifth initiation into occult wisdom.

Mike Hughes

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Direct and to the point

The spiritual significance of the serpent depends on the culture which you are studying. While some see the serpent as “evil” in their religion, others see it as symbolic of “good.” The Sumerians for example saw it for the good of mankind, while the hebrews who copied upon some of their beliefs “changed” the symbolism of the serpent into one of “evil.” In the Egyptian culture, the serpent was seen as both good and bad. I could go on and on but “these” are of the “origins” of religions which “documented” beliefs……….


I don’t know about mythology but I always thought that God used a snake or serpent, to represent Satan because it was the lowest of his creations. literally crawling on the serface of the earth far from the heavens. maybe sounds dumb but….i don’t like snakes….that’s what they remind me of.


Great question! The serpent in the old traditions represents knowledge or wisdom. Lately though unworthy teachers have polluted the minds of there students. So let us go back falling into ourselves to look at this serpent with the true eye. Is not the serpent enlightenment itself? Shedding it’s skin to bring on new life? Can you see the serpent uncoiling as you go about your daily affairs? This poor serpent, misunderstood and feared, when people will look with there own eyes maybe the truth will be seen. *sip*

michelle v

Yes, kundalini – which is representative of a very subtle energy passage, that when fully realized, brings forth Enlightenment.
The Biblical take on it created an influence that is in place to this day, that created division and mistrust between men and women.
In accomplishing this, the more esoteric suggestion was disabled, and the wisdom and beauty to be found were corrupted into a betrayal. With this in place, there is little equality between the sexes -and without equality, we are at a loss, handicapped as it were. Each of us has the other within, and each of us is served through love and integration of same. If I,as a woman, am unable to trust the male side within me, how ever can I express trust to the males outside of me?
Wholeness and integration have not been promoted by many religions, and the role of woman, the female as divine, has been undermined. And without that, there is nothing new under the sun. Men provide the ongoingness, women receive the creator urge and transmute it.
Snakes are fully representative of a deep primal power – and our culture has been conditioned to fear that symbol, to disenchant the seeker from that power. The Enlightened person is the most dangerous one of all – they exist totally free and clear sighted, unbound by social convention, no longer subject to the artificial rule of another, no longer ruled by fear.


Gen 3:1 serpent(Heb. Nachash`a shining one`also2 cor.11:14And no marvel for satan himself transformed into (an angel of light,AndRev 20 :2That old serpent ,which is the devil and satan.Satan was created beautiful ,Eve didn’t know what she was up against THANK GOD WE DO.He has the knowledge but is evil.

Recital Vinylist

The serpent didn’t ask to be a serpent. The prejudice that snakes suffer from that event is still evident today..The snake was a patsy ,nothing spiritual about it. Adam and Eve were set up…apparently, they HAD to fall to fulfill God’s plan…and the poor
snake was simply ….GOD’S TOOL!

Mike j Hughes

As an occultist I know that the serpent is a very powerful synbol which gave man his spiritual individual independance to choose and create its own destiny.


Serpent according to Jesus was satanic. People today have lost the truth, they change the meaing of words to be cute or in order to justify playing around with fire…..evil. Jesus said choose today whom you will serve.
Who do you serve ?Jesus Christ The Son Of The Living God, or satan?
Serpent Power is a plan devised by satan to keep you from knowing the One True God and Serving Him and to damn you to hell with him, Satan knows that is where he is going and he hates God and wants as many people as possible to go to hell with him for eternity to spite God.
Please leave this yoga crap behind and call on The Name Of The Lord Jesus and be saved …..Now is the day of Salvation for you!!
Please Lord .Jesus…break through to those who believe this and saved them before it is too late I pray in Jesus Name Amen.


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