Home Discussion Forum What is the source of violence in the human consciousness?

What is the source of violence in the human consciousness?


  1. Sin my a**.
    It’s the need to survive and dominate over others, which apparently helps you survive. It’s called the Id. That’s i-d.

  2. all men are born with the ideal of sin living within them, and they will sin, but if we walk with Christ, we have to do the best we can not to live in our sin

  3. natural human instinct
    it is animal insitnct to protect yourself
    protect those close to you
    protect your food
    protect your home
    if any of these are threatened in any way
    your instinct kicks in

  4. I’ve always thought it was thought-gremlins, but I developed a theory once, when I was stoned. (In the long-ago days, not now) and it is this: imagine a plane (much like the world in the movie “Tron”, coincidentally) upon which we all walk. As we walk, we are bombarded by “thought” energy. Some thought energy just swirls around us, while other energy goes right through us. At other times, we all catch the very same thought wave. Kind of like what happened before 1969. I don’t know if you noticed, but many many people were thinking we could put a man on the moon, a lo, so it was.

  5. Some of it is intolerance, and some of it is greed. Greed, like one country trying to take another country over and into their own hands… it’s kinda sad. A lot of it does lie within fear… fear that they don’t have enough, etc. It sucks, but you just have to avoid it as much as possible. And set a good example for others to create peace and tolerance.

  6. Well, let’s look at it like this. You have the Id, the Superego, and the Ego. The Id is your conscience. The Superego is the thing that tells you to this or do that, and your ego is what keeps them all in check. The Ego balances the two out. So, the violence part comes from the Superego.

  7. in my belief the source of violence is the “yetzer harah” which is the human quality which causes the person to act for their own sake and pleasure, instead of following the will of God (the yetzer hatov) which is to act for the benefit of others before yourself, or at the very least to act in a way that harms nothing.
    the yetzer harah starts as a small force inside you, and it is normal, but if you dont also balance it with yetzer hatov, then it can lead you to commit evil things for the sake of your own self.

  8. In some cases the sources of violence are the parents, grandparents, etc. and the way they thought about things. In their day, people in certain sections of the country hated certain kinds of people – and they spread these antiquated opinions onto their children and grandchildren.


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