Home Discussion Forum What is the source of ESP according to parapsychology?

What is the source of ESP according to parapsychology?

Is it spirit or brain or something else?
What do they claim?
Thank you very much.


  1. Most parapsychologists claim that ESP is the result of a person using a part of his or her brain in a way that most people cannot. The ability to talk to spirits is also a type of ESP, called “mediumship,” or “being a medium,” and in this case the ability to communicate with spirits is still intrinsic to the individual, but then the information gained comes from the spirit rather than innately from the individual.
    There is no proof that ESP exists.

  2. Apart from communicating with the dead, most attribute ESP to an “untapped” brain power, but there is no scientific evidence for this untapped power nor is there any credible scientific evidence for ESP, either. At this point it’s only conjecture and fantasy.
    But perhaps tomorrow someone will actually develop these abilities. It’s impossible to prove it won’t happen, I suppose.

  3. An over-active imagination.A need to be “special”.A desire to impress or con people.Oh, I’m sorry I thought you meant Psychologically.

  4. There is a popular urban legend that states we only use 10% of our brains. Many parapsychologist point at this concept and claim that in the other 90% are abilities that we have not even begun to understand and that ESP, telekinesis and such are locked in this part of the brain.
    The argument to this theory is that it is based on an untrue fact. Actually we use all of our brain, but only 10% at a time.
    Of course the real source of esp is mostly the following.
    Cold Reading (classic conman techniques)
    self-delusion – people remember the stuff that is right only, even if statistically its less accurate than random chance. they also justify predictions to fit the situation, or predictions are actually created after the fact.
    Legend – people hear second hand stories, often ebellished, or watch movies which claim to be based on true stories, documentaries about psychics. This stuff leads to a general belief that its all real.

  5. Parapsychologist do not claim to know the source of ESP performance. Many early experiments were designed to establish the reality of ESP which has been done as far as statistics can provide evidence. Then while proof oriented research continued but was pursued less process oriented research started asking questions about what was happening to the person during the experience were their hits more often when they felt confident of them or less often if they felt confident in their call and other variables.
    There is some speculation by Dean Radin that ESP is linked to quantum physics and the entanglement effect. This idea is explored in his book “Entangled Minds”. He readily admits in his book that any connection is far from established but also is firm in his belief that it is worth examining.

  6. ESP is something we are born with and can, if we wish, develop. Most people tend to subdue ESP possibilities with a healthy dose of materialism, bad education and the politics of doubt. The “source” is the mind expressing itself through the brain. The more interesting question is possibly about what exactly is the mind. There are thousands upon thousands of books on the subject.

  7. it is not from the brain
    it is from your soul, which can be focused to control your spirit in better than average manner
    I know for sure because I do a lot of research in this area
    “clever” people actually have more problem in training ESP

  8. Most paranormal phenomena can be categorised in terms of whether they are primarily mental (involving the obtaining of information in paranormal ways) or physical (involving paranormal influences on physical objects, events or processes, or on living systems). In practice, however, this distinction is often blurred (e.g., a phenomenon may have both mental and physical features). Additionally, there are varieties of miscellaneous phenomena that do not fit neatly into either category.
    However, opinions about mechanisms of psi are wide-ranging. Because the field is multidisciplinary, there are physical theories, psychological theories, psychophysical theories, sociological theories, and combinations of these.
    On one end of the spectrum, the “physicalists” tend to believe that the “psi sensing capacity” is like any other human sensory system, and as such it will most likely be explained by known principles from biophysics, chemistry, and cognitive science. For these theorists, psi is expected to be accommodated into the existing scientific structure, with perhaps some modifications or extensions.On the other end of the spectrum, the “mentalists” assert that reality would not exist if it were not for human consciousness. For these theorists, the nature of the universe is much more effervescent, thus accommodating psi into existing scientific models will require significant modification of science as we know it. Strong theoretical debates are common in parapsychology in part because spirit, religion, the meaning of life, and other philosophical conundrums commingle with quantum mechanics, probability theory, and neurons
    Some theorists have attempted to link psi phenomena with similar-sounding concepts from quantum mechanics, including non-locality, instantaneous correlations at a distance, and other anomalies. Such suggestions always spark vigorous debates, and at some point it seems the critics are inevitably accused of not properly understanding quantum mechanics,
    {will continue…..}


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