Home Discussion Forum What is the source of earth's interior energy?

What is the source of earth's interior energy?


  1. Ive seen many speculations, but most of the point to some sort of nuclear reaction.

  2. the heat energy developed in the earth is partialy due to the circulating electric current flowing thru the resistive materal of the earth.
    Also we continually received heat from the Sun and the result is cumulative.

  3. Some of the heat is due to radioactive matirials breaking down, some is due to the sun warming the planet.
    Mostly it is due to the moon. you know how the moon affects the oceans by causing the tides, well it imputs energy in to the oceans in that way. In the same way it moves around the earth liquid center, and that motion is disipated by friction and that friction heats up the earth interior(or rather causes the earths interior to stay warm.

  4. When the earth formed, it was basically all just really hot rock. So hot, in fact, that it melted. When the rock melted, the heavier elements (iron and nickel) sunk towards the core of the earth. This sinking of heavy elements transferred a lot of gravitational potential energy into heat energy. The same can be seen today. If you drop something heavy into a bucket of water, after you drop it enough, the water itself warms up. This heat energy from the formation of the planet was the primary source of the heat of our planet. However, another major source of heat today is the breakdown of radioactive elements inside the earth. Both of these contribute to the heat the Earth generates.


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