'what is the sound of one hand clapping?' For all you zen people out there:)?

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Big Kenny

oh there it was did you miss it


wfff wfff wfff

Jayne S

My son can clap one hand. It sounds somewhat similar to two hands, but not as much percussion.


The same as a tree falling in the woods with no one around to hear it.


It sounds like this, ” .”


A good hard slap in the kisser!


VERY # very # Very # quiet…….VERY # very # Very # quiet……….VERY # very # Very # quiet……….VERY # very # Very # quiet………….
VERY # very # Very # quiet……….VERY # very # Very # quiet……….VERY # very # Very # quiet……….VERY # very # Very # quiet……….VERY # very # Very #
>^,,^< ........... quiet..........>^,,^<


The sound of one hand clapping is silence. Ever hear of “The Sound of Silence”?


Think it might be a metaphor inferring that some things cannot work alone. That is, two hands are needed to make a clap.
I could be entirely wrong.


Take your right palm and move it towards someone elses open palm at speed until you make contact – That’s the sound of ‘one hand clapping’.

jared g



So you’ve been reading JD Salinger???


One hand clapping is not clapping. Therefore, you get silence. Because you’d be waving your hand in the air. DUH


Does a dog have Buddha-nature?


Silence if you follow the zen path, a slight tapping sound if you quickly fold your fingers against the palm of your hand.

The Armchair Explorer

Anything, if you listen hard enough (good zen answer?)


Half the sound of two hands clapping.


Hold your hand up, now fold the fingers of that hand into the palm, as if you are clenching a fist without including the thumb, allowing the finger tips to touch the bottom of the palm.
Now open your hand again, fold it quickly and repeatedly, and there you have it: the sound of one hand clapping.


i dont think words can describe how something sounds. don’t u agree? u just have to be there to here it


its impossible to clap with one hand……… unless you think about clicking fingers
its smaller not as glorious but still………….
I tried


According to Goatfondel’s theories the possibility is that it may or may not be a hand that is either clapping or is not.
Only when there is somebody in the forest to hear it does the possibility collapse, unless a tree is falling and then nobody can hear whether a hand (or not) is clapping (or not). So the usual sound of one hand clapping (or not) is loads of Philosophy students scratching their heads and saying “Whaaaaaat?”.
Hope this clears it up.


ol's one

How can I solve this puzzle? I cannot find the answer within the boundary of my knowledge, how can I describe the indescribable? I honestly say ” I do not know “.


It depends on what thing it hits first.
Or you can say you need two hands to clap, but that would be too narrow a definition of clapping, wouldn’t it?
But sorry, I’m not a zen person.


tap tap tap (keyboard)
click (mouse)


It is the sound before you asked the question. And long after your question was forgotten.

Nupepe emma

I think, silence.


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