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What is the soul/mind/consciousness made of?

According to those that believe in the dualism philosophy, the soul or mind or consciousness is a non-material entity, distinct from the body and brian.
So what is this soul/mind/consciousness made of?


  1. It’s the ultimate paradox really isn’t it! How do you define something when the one thing you are trying to define is the act of defining. I do believe that all thoughts combine to form a collective consciousness. That is why our thoughts are so powerful, they can create and shape reality. What is outside this I don’t know. I don’t think there even is anything and yet that’s so hard to accept. why? Why can’t we be happy not knowing. Maybe in accepting the true understanding comes.

  2. Well, think about it. By using what we know about our physical world we can assume the same for the non physical world. Einstein’s theory of relativity is E=MC2. What is energy exactly??. We do know it is part of everything. Can it be part of every entity? Maybe our soul/mind/consciousness is Pure energy. I asked as similar question!?!?. I guess inquiring minds think alike!

  3. For dualists, it is “made of” mind. It is like asking what is matter made of.
    Technically, this could also be a category error. We are used to thinking in terms of matter having extension and impermeability, and this is what we mean when we ask about it being “made of” something. But this does not apply to mind. It is just the quality of awareness, and it is not made of anything.

  4. We can’t even as a species say what matter is made of – and we can see that, and analyse and probe it. Not for a long time will we be able to identify something as intangible (not physical) as consciousness. Honestly I think it is made of nothing – I dont mean it doesn’t exist, I just mean that it is completely beyond any tangibility in any level of observation, In other words I think it is the one truley unknowable thing in all of creation no matter how far we persue the answer, for knowing it would devalue life.

  5. It is spirit. It exists on a spiritual, eternal plane, temporarily caged in the physical world. I do not expect to be able to understand precisely what the spirit world is or how it works – I am a mere mortal. But one day I’ll be there and I’ll ask the Creator Himself all about it.

  6. Soul is spirit and needs protection of a body in this workshop. The soul chooses the parents depending where the adventure is to takes place. That body is a vehicle the soul drives and is know as an ego.When the journey is over, the vehicle is parked in an underground motel and the soul goes back to a pleasant life in Eternity


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