What is the similarities and differences between hypnosis, meditation and biofeedback.?

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What is the similarities and differences between hypnosis, meditation and biofeedback. Why do so many people find them so helpful? In what way do you think they might relate to our universal love of music?

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Meditation, if done properly, is completely natural and follows the tendency of the mind to enjoy more fulfillment, and more light. The other two depend on outside influence.

Marci †SFECU†pray4revival

I think you have to be in a state of meditation in order to be hypnotized and the bio-feed back may not be good at all in this case.
However, if you meditate on the word of God, then the Holy Spirit will give you the feed back that can help your life get better.

bo k

Hypnosis = stealing data from the brain without the knowledge of mind.
Meditation= enjoying pleasure by mind, free of interference from brain.
Biofeedback= polishing or redirecting brain & body reactions and reflexes to the advantage of an individual.


Meditation: process with the goal of achieving stillness of mind.
Hypnosis: process with the goal of achieving a state of heightened focus.
Biofeedback: used to develop awareness and control of mind and body connection typically through the use of an electronic aid.
All are quite similar as they are commonly used for stress management. Yet the method of each is quite distinctly different.

Robert Shields

We all have both a spiritual body and a physical body. They work in harmony and are identical. However, our physical eyes can only see the physical body whereas some fortunate, or unfortunate depending how you look at it, can also see the spiritual body through their own spiritual eyes (sometimes called Clairvoyance).
The physical body has a brain which can be researched and analysed by man-made machines such as a Biofeedback machine.
The Spiritual body also has a brain and this is sometimes referred to as the Unconscious Mind or Subconscious. It cannot be researched by physical means and that is where Hypnosis steps in.
A biofeedback machine will tell you of the state of the brain only as far as the state of relaxation is concerned. Electrical signals from, say the finger tips, are measured on the Biofeedback machine and are the result of how relaxed the physical brain is.
Hypnosis can be used to relax the brain and a Biofeedback Machine will keep the hypnotist informed of his progress in relaxing a client in order to ‘contact’ the Unconscious Mind. In other words, to by pass the physical and contact the spiritual.
Meditation, on the other hand, is simply inducing a state of relaxation in both the brain and the Unconscious Mind, albeit in harmony, by using such methods as visualisation. Visualising a relaxing situation at a Unconscious level (using imagination) will automatically effect the physical brain and the whole mind and body will relax.
There is a fine line between the use of hypnosis and meditation as both use the Unconscious Mind to produce total relaxation. The fine line is that meditation is self-induced and hypnosis is normally induced by a third party. However, bear in mind that self-hypnosis is also self induced.
In a nutshell, Biofeedback Machines measure the brain waves and inform you of the mind and body’s state of relaxation.
Hypnosis and meditation both use the power of the Unconscious to relax the mind and body, and if used wisely, to improve the quality of your life.
I hope the above is not too long winded and helps you to understand better.
Robert Shields

ʎəʌəəʍ ʎəʌəəd ʎəʌəəls

meditation is a totally different state from hypnosis. It heightens the appreciation of beauty in all it’s forms. I don’t know about biofeedback.

Tom R

They are all the same thing the process of getting there is the difference. Hypnosis is induced by a third person or self induced.
Meditation is self induced by a mantra or learned thinking process.
bio- feed back is induced by a machine that tells you what your brain waves are. The hypnosis can gives your subconscious instructions as does meditation.
Medation is usually acceptable because it is used in a religious contex.


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