What is the significance of staring into the eyes of a Buddha statue?

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Is it considered sacrilegious or even dangerous? Do you know of any good books or credible links on the subject? I am particularly interested in the art and tradition of painting a Buddha statue’s eyes.

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Upasakha Jason

No significance at all. It’s just a statue.


If your motivation is pure then only good can come from your endeavor.

Atmo Disha

Definitely not sacrilegious, or dangerous, the eyes are generally closed anyway, but if you do look at the eyes you may imbibe some of the vibe of the meditator. The best way to get into painting a Buddha is to go into a meditative state and paint or draw whatever comes out. The results will be much more authentic than anything you can learn from a website or book. But if you really want some advice get in touch with or visit a Buddhist monastery, they often do paintings and artwork in these places.


No significance. Statues, temples, etc., are different art forms belonging to people all over the world. Different cultures may treat their art differently, according to local or indigenous beliefs.


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