What is the significance of Lucifer in the occult?

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I doubt it has anything to do with an evil being.

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Thus Always to Tyrants II

You know, like how it’s WAY cooler to like the Joker than it is to like Batman.

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Here’s the irony of it all
God (1891chambers dict.) means Lord of Occult.
Jesus in the latin was also called Lucifer
The word Amen (Ammon Ra)as a noun is the name of the devil (Jupiter) .
God claims to have the mysteries or Occult
Proverbs 1/6 says to seek dark sayings or Occult
Does this mean Christianity is Occult too
Interesting isn’t it.
What the dictionaries say and what the churches portray seem to be two completely different things?

Bob Bâ„¢

None whatsoever as far as I can tell.


None. Lucifer is part of the Christian pantheon (no, I’m not saying he’s a deity, because I know that’d piss some off), and the occult isn’t connected to any one belief system/ religious pantheon.


There is a book I came across years ago titled, “The Historie or the Devil”. The book argues that without the devil there would be no need for a good God. It also gives a history of the early anti-Church movement at the end of the Middle Ages when it was assumed that saying the Latin Mass backwards and turning the cross upside down would bring Satan (Lucifer) to Earth.
Anton LeVey, founder of the Satanist Movement in the 20th century is more than likely the greatest proponent of the idea of Lucifer in today’s occult. Ironically movements such as the new Druidism and Wicca although the acknowledge a power of negative energy do not call it Lucifer.
In closing the idea of Lucifer is a new idea in the 20th century and it is separate from the movement in at the end of the Middle Ages which was “anti-Church” brought on by many of the noble houses of the time. There are many excellent books on the topic and they research the periods described.
Interesting question …

Henri 411

devil = satin whoever but lucifer is the morning star. So it seems lucifer gets equated with this satin by some early Christians. This devil who represent evil seems to help christian priests and ministers to gain much money and power over there followers along with delusions about a son of God who will save them from having to find there own way to a better life.


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