What is the significance of a Great Blue Heron as a spirit guide?

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I mean i know about wolves, bears, and all the regular animals that are considered spirit guides (or whatever you want to call them). But i don’t know/can’t find anything on Blue Heron. Thanks.
And PLEASE, no sarcasm or rude remarks. If you must say something, just think it. No one will think you are cool if you answer a serious question with a dumb answer.

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There - Take That

It’s a big bird, you know. Beautiful bird, but still just a bird.


It means your going to be eating a lot of fish in your life and crapping on your own feet.

john plakidas

the blue heron is my spirit guide. I encounter it often while on quiet walks in nature. It stands for balance and harmony. Its telling me to achieve a life standard to live one day at a time. Each to its fullest.


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