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What is the shamanism religion?

I know a small bit about it like they help you find your spirit guide, and its sometimes an american indian religion. and they have dream catchers and stuff. but what is it


  1. Shamanism isn’t a religion, it’s a part-time healer/spiritual mediator position found primarily among H/Gs and horticulturalists.

  2. worship & propitiation of spirits located:
    in the underworld
    on earth
    in the sky
    shaman contacts spirits for laypeople w/ primarily spiritual ailments (that may result in physical symptoms) in order to receive spirits’ instructions on how to heal them. healing may involve propitiation of spirits who are causing trouble for the patient.

  3. Actually, shamanism is a type of path in many religons and in many cultures, not just Native American. Gaahl of the Norwegian Black Metal band Gorgoroth is not a Satanist, contrary to popular belief, but is actually a practitioner of Nordic Shamanism. The focus is on the spiritual world as viewed and experienced through the natural world. Shamans interact with the spiritual world more heavily than the rest of us. The base faith can be any number of traditional, highly cultural faith paths from Germanic/Nordic Heathenism (as is the case with Gaahl) to the traditional faith of the Hmong peoples commonly found in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam to various tribal groups from the Americas, such as the Amerindians you referenced – and anything and everything in between. I view Shamanism as more of an approach to the spiritual from the stance of one’s culture and indigenous faith system than anything else.

  4. It is (“was”, more predominantly) also the path of many Tengriist Turkic peoples in Central and Western Asia. And still, From Turkey to Mongolia, there are practitioners. And in Tuva (a federal state in Russia) those who are believed to have the gift can be trained to be a good shaman, but this gift may catch you only if you have a shaman among your forefathers according to the belief.


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