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what is the seventh chakra?

Hello I wanted to know what the seventh chakra was? How to obtain this skill?


  1. Stay away from this form of meditation: as it opens your mind up for possible attacks from demons and spirit bodies —
    The Sanskrit name for the 7th chakra is “Sahasrara”, meaning “thousandfold.” The 7th chakra is represented by a 1000-petaled lotus, which symbolizes the infinite nature of this chakra, connecting us with the Divine.
    The 7th chakra is located at the crown of the head and serves as the crown of the entire chakra system, symbolizing the highest state of enlightenment. The function of the 7th chakra is connection with the infinite. In art, Christ is depicted with a halo around his head. This could represent the awakened spirituality of the 7th chakra.
    The element of the 7th chakra is thought/cosmic consciousness. The mind creates our belief systems that control our thoughts and actions.
    Gland/part of body associated with the 7th chakra:

  2. the crown chakra
    and it is something you already have … as do we all
    just some chakras are more awakened than others
    meditation is the key to awakening the crown chakra as well as keep the other chakras nicely balanced

  3. it’s called sahasrara. you “obtain” it with meditation and yoga. but most people probably can’t do it. we’ll just have to evolve for a couple of millions of years, like the people in atlantis did.

  4. Isnt that the humanoid alien caveman type dude from the Stargate series? Daniel Jackson called him Chakra, I think


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