Home Discussion Forum What is the sect of Paganism/Shamanism that deals with animal deities?

What is the sect of Paganism/Shamanism that deals with animal deities?

I was talking with my girlfriend a while ago about animal spirit guides and whatnot and she mentioned a sect of Paganism or Shamanism that involves animal deities. I’m very uninformed on the subject and would like to know more. Does anyone know exactly what it is called? I apologize if I’m being vague but any information would be most helpful.


  1. I believe that would fall under the heading of animism, which is the belief that natural objects, phenomena, and creatures, and the universe itself, all possess souls.

  2. Most “sects” of Paganism have experience with animal spirits and animal totems. The most notable ancient culture that had specific animal deities was Egyptian. They regularly mixed an animal aspect with their gods and goddesses on a physical level. Most other cultures portrayed their deities as “fully human” although many ancient gods and goddesses had a sacred animal(s).
    Hera had the peacock
    Athena the owl
    Ishtar the lion
    Marduk and Tiamat the dragon
    Shamanism itself deals more in the “spirit realm” than in the realm of gods and goddesses. A shaman will connect with the spirit of an animal to learn what that animal has to teach them.
    It really is a vast subject and you can find tons of information at your local library.
    I hope this helps
    Blessed Be


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