What is the secret to making blowflies go away using only telepathy?

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you don’t.


Send them images of fly spray using telepathy.
Works every time.

Nasty Mcdirty ®

Stop blowing them/giving them head service

Queen of the WAGs

Imagine vivid scenes where the blowflies are tortured sadistically – they will get the message and fly away in fright!


These arent the droids… I mean blowflys your looking for.


stare at them untill the dog notices what your looking at then he goes in to killer fly mode and will chase them till he kills it…
or at least my little man does.. lol


Walk past them with an image of a fly swatter in your mind.

Frig: alter-ego of JuJu

Tell them that you were Arnold Schwazzerenrenregeregerezzereegerer in a past life.
Anyone would be scared.


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