What is the secret to good Tarot card reading?

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I”ve gotten the cards and boods but I still don’t feel confident enough to do readings.

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The Baron

The secret is simple, really; it isn’t real. You know how I know? Try a tarot reading with a standard deck of Bicycle brand playing cards. I guarantee identical results.

Martin T

If you find a tarot book you enjoy, read it.
Play with the cards. Have fun! Don’t take them too seriously.
Do something silly like doing a reading for a packet of soup.
All the information you get from the cards comes to you from the person you are reading for anyway. All the cards do is amplify your intuition.
If you get stuck, grab a card, hand it to the person and ask them ‘”What do you see in that card?”


There’s no real secret. It’s just persistence and practice and study.
It can take awhile to really internalize the symbol set to the point where your intuition can just kick in and work freely. Also, some people are just more gifted for divination than others – it could be that you’ll just need to work a little harder to get to that point.
A really great book and website is Learn Tarot by Joan Bunning. It sets out a great simple and effective system for learning the cards. http://www.learntarot.com/ I recommend working with that until you’ve got the basic hang of it, and are familiar with all the cards and their basic meanings. I recommend starting by just reading upright cards – you can get absolutely accurate readings without using reversals, and at the beginning you want to keep things simple.
Once you have the 72 cards memorized, then start doing readings for practice. I know most sources say to do daily readings for yourself, which can be helpful, but doing accurate self-readings is actually very difficult for most people, and even many professional readers. So practice by reading on other people’s issues. You don’t have to tell them you’re doing it – it can just be for you to practice. So say a friend has been wondering if she’ll find a job soon, do a reading on it, and make a journal of your results. Then keep track of how the situation plays out and see if you were accurate, or maybe if there were elements in the reading present that you missed initially, but made themselves evident later.
When you start to feel confident that you are starting to get a good amount of hits with your practice readings, then just offer to do readings for friends for a laugh. Most people are curious about it, and will think it’s good fun. This gives you even more practice, and you can start to learn how to converse with a “client” over a reading.
At this point, you’re probably ready to learn more in-depth with the cards – like reversals. And maybe even start to learn about such things as the elemental and astrological properties of them. But take each step slowly – there is SO many layers of symbolism that you can study that if you try to do it all at once you will overwhelm yourself and get nowhere.
If you’d like to take a formal course of study after you’ve gotten the basics down, then I would recommend the correspondence courses offered through The Tarot School. They have a nice, but in-depth study program that runs 18 months for about $200 – it includes written materials, audio lectures, and other great stuff. They also have a degree program that goes even MORE in-depth and gets you private tutoring sessions with some of the teachers there, though that program is pricier.
Take your time and be patient with yourself. You’ll get there!


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