Home Discussion Forum What is the secret of disguised hypnosis?

What is the secret of disguised hypnosis?

Online I saw this thing about disguised hypnosis and since I don’t want to buy the whole package I just want to know is the secret method legal and if it is what is it?


  1. Persuasive,conversational,covert,subliminal hypnosis used in a ethical manor can help in sales for salespeople,in self improvement.Conversations and also literary books all have influence on ones decisions as to what they participate in or buy.L.Michael Hall has some great books on the subject based on the great work of Milton Erickson.Meta States,Mind Lines are two of them.You must study to learn how to accomplish your ability to apply the technique.

  2. I haven’t got a copy of this, but looking through the reviews (many of which seem to be curiously identical) it seems to use frames. See the link below for a discussion of these.
    I’m skeptical about this product as it claims 100% success rate in all sorts of areas, but neither you nor I have been persuaded to buy it.
    As for whether it is legal (making the assumption it could work)? Well lets ask is it ethical? As with any persuasion technique if you are using it to trick someone into doing something that is not in their best interest, then no. Con men go to jail. If you are using to say, make people stop taking illegal drugs then it could be appropriate to use, perhaps.


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