What is the scientific term for negative energy? Also for positive energy?

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There is no special term for positive or negative energy, they are just “positive energy” or “negative energy”
Energy is measured related to something. So lets say we have a battery that has some Energy in it. If we call the battery full 0 Energy, when its half full it has negative energy. Conversely, if we say when the battery is empty is 0 energy, when its hall full it has positive energy


Negative and positive energy are nothing more than bookkeeping of energy relative to an arbitrary datum at which we define it to equal to zero. We do this because the true zero energy condition may be very difficult to know for certain.
There is nothing physically different when energy is less than the amount at which it was at datum.

Lloyd J

Negative energy does not exist in reality. It only appears to exist in math equations. So no terms have come into use.


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