What is the scientific explanation for auras?

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OK, I know what auras are supposed to be, and I was shown how to see them, and I did. But what is the scientific explanation for them? Why do you see different colours on different people?

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It’s called synesthesia, and is a medical problem.


If acupuncture is a science, and chi energy is scientific, then chi energy could explain auras. As to the different colors, I have no idea. Perhaps it’s because chi energy have different vibrations.


i’m not sure that science would recognize seeing auras as valid, it’s more of a supernatural type of ability popular with new-agers, without proper scientific reference. while i believe the body can give off certain vibrations if you will– emit negative or positive “vibes” based on emotions or state of mind, that sort of thing– i think the whole color-scheme of auras is a man-made idea to try to understand and make sense of unseen forces and vibrations. just an opinion though.


Your body is like a big organic computer, the brain is a bundle of nerves firing electrical impulses through out your body’s nervous system. The heart pumping iron rich blood is like a magnetic generator. The hormones and pepides in your body cause a reaction in your organs. All of these combined cause the body to produce an energy field around it. Along with body heat.
Or your body is composed of atoms and all atoms vibrate. The virbration of these atoms is what produces an aura.
Different colors are the product of the energy level in the body. Different emotions produce different energy levels. As you have a standard emotional personality you will always have a standard color to your aura. As things change so does the color.


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