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What is the scientific explanation for astral projection and telepathy?


  1. That is Satan’s wonderful tricks. He can help you do that. So stay away from anything that has to do with it. He has control then.

  2. I thought those belong in the category of things that there are no proof of, so there wouldn’t be a scientific explanation.

  3. The scientific explanation for astral projection and telepathy is that there is no such thing as astral projection and telepathy. That is the complete scientific explanation in its totality..

  4. I dont now about scientific but astral projection is the ability to leave the body at will and telepathy is the ability to read minds whick ive tried both and i kind of disagree with salvation but kind of dont ive heard that all of metaphisics are by Satan but i disagree i think that he could get to you more likely because you are open at those times but i dont think ………

  5. The scientific explanation is that they don’t work.
    Your question is a bit like asking “How do scientists explain that some elephants are born with green spots and orange stripes?”

  6. Astral projection is non existent. No explanation needed.
    Telepathy uses net work of wires in long distance mechanical communication in which a language called Morse Code was used.
    For all intents and purposes it is obsolete.
    Mental telepathy is not real so there is no scientific explanation.

  7. Astral projection is practiced by Tibetian Monks, it’s part of their prayer ritual. However, it is no different than an OBE (out of body experience). You leave your body and are still attached to it by a “silver cord.” The only thing different is the intention. The person who has an OBE probably almost died in an accident etc and were brought back to life, the monks of Tibet practice this daily and don’t think anything of it. The reasons are different but the outcome the same, leaving the physical body and traveling to different realms. Scientifically it has been proven because they would set up controlled experiments where a monk would have to leave his body in order to answer the questions that were put before him. Like explain the outfit so and so has on and the monk is 1000 miles away from the subject and in full view of the experimenter. Astral projection is not limited to the monks of Tibet, however, they are the most well known group practicing it. Supposedly anyone can do it but it has to be developed, and there are rules one must follow while doing it so no harm comes to you. Telepathy is different in that you do not leave your body, you intuitively know that something is or isn’t going to happen, someone’s going to call, you know what someone is thinking, you know who’s on the phone before you answer etc, you know you’re going to meet your long lost cousin down town tomorrow, etc. Telepathy is all mental, it’s not leaving the body at all. Scientifically I have read many theories, (and that’s about all they are are theories) is that some people are able to “tap” into different time parameters. You and I are in linear time and we talk about what happened 2 years ago, 2 months ago, what we are going to do 5 years from now etc. For some reason some folks are gifted and can tap into linear time at any point, past, present, and future. Exactly why? Why does someone like only ice-cream, and someone else mint brownies? There is no hard and fast reason for that either. From the reading I do it’s all about how our brain is wired and our chemical cascades.

  8. I have yet to find an explanation for astral projection by a credible source. I have read that science is trying to see if that is a credible link to other forms of ESP. It seems science is taking a serious look at claims of ESP and finding some unexpected results (even though many other scientists don’t view this as “True” Science). Telepathy is supposed to be directed by the brain, certain parts of which most people never use. For all of sciences work, we still don’t know a whole lot about the brain and all new information should be taken with a grain of salt. Not that I don’t believe these things are possible, I do. I just don’t think we have enough information, yet, to really say exactly what it is.

  9. * The ego of the person believeing they have some post-human power, that they are special. Confidence either that they can actually do it or they can blag it
    * The readiness of people who want to believe it. The need for there to be more in the universe than just skin and bone. – people believe what they want to believe not what they know is proven to be true.
    * eye witness testimony is amazingly subjective. over-exaggeration or leading questions.
    * Blatant fraud through good research
    * psychological manipulation of people testing them/ around them that might know information
    * Intelligent guessing
    * NLP or some other tool to make people see more to their ‘gift’ than there actually is
    * picking up on psychological triggers that give away answers (intentional or accidental)
    * generally being Derren Brown.
    * http://www.derrenbrown.co.uk/

  10. Go figure.
    You must be referring to physics, biology, chemistry.
    these sciences study and observe the physical universe.
    They do not allow for even the possibility of a spiritual universe,
    so have never attempted to study it, and therefore cannot know anything about it.

  11. As a research scientist I can say that if anyone could scientifically prove the existence of both the myths you speak of they would be Nobel Prize winners and rich!!
    So why aren’t scientists rushing to the labs in search of proof? This logic can be used on other mystical phenomena and alternative therapies. The answer is that there are no phenomena no evidence at least.

  12. Science cannot give an explanation but there shall arise false Christs and false prophets which shall show great signs and wonders insomuch that if it were possible they should deceive the very elect.

  13. Have any of you people that are shit talking it, ever even tried it. Regardless if has something to do with spirituality or just some false sensory experience like dreaming it exists just the same. Even if it is fake and its just your mind messing with you, it is still one of the best experiences you can have because your limitless.

  14. Something sometimes happens to me in sleep, like a fire going through my body, but it feels healing, like very intense electrical energy that renews me, and at that time I can rise up, usually only to the ceiling but sometimes beyond to wonderful landscapes of light and space, and I’m left with a feeling of peace and humbleness and quiet joy for days. It may be an odd sort of dream, it may be a spiritual thing, or it may be some other more scientific rational cause – something going funny with the wiring in my brain perhaps? I have no idea. I don’t tell anyone about it. Well, I only told my mum and she said it was just a dream, but it’s so different to normal dreams, but she might be right. Who knows? I’m just so happy and grateful when it happens.

  15. Astral projection is Real, to those who disbelieve it, and I had an experience with it, trying to induce it and it worked, I was able to communicate with a friend that had done it the same night and talk to him on whats known as the Astral Plane, now for validity I asked him what we had been saying to each other and he was correct. Just because you haven’t experienced something, doesn’t mean its not the truth, that’s how it is for most atheists, I am a Catholic and whoever is going on about this being occult, I have no idea how can it be, the feeling of it strengthens my relationship with God and my view of the world. To clarify OBE is an out of body experience that occurs primarily by remaining in the physical world but act as a floating consciousness, Astral projeciton takes place on a whole new realm, and it is very real. Science can’t explain such things.

  16. Anyone that believes that OBE’s or Astral Projection are the work of the devil are in my opinion uneducated. Astral Projection is real and can be done over time with great practice.
    Mainstream Science and Scholars will always shrug off Astral Projection as the work of the imagination or a self induced hallucination, because Astral Projections defies all laws of Physics.


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