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What is the scariest thing you have ever seen with your third eye?


  1. a bloody face. It was a woman’s face, and she was staring angrily at me, her face was contorted and blood was pouring down one side of her head. Obviously she must’ve died from a massive head wound. I didn’t look long enough to see much of it, i pushed it away rather quickly, but that single image has stuck with me.
    I’ve seen a bunch of other very strange things via my 3rd eye, but none of the rest were this scary.

  2. I don’t know exactly that this is my third eye, but i go through these moments of paralysis. during one of these episodes i’ll experience different things. sometimes its kind of like out of body, some times i just feel things, and sometimes i just see things. one time i had just moved into a house and hadn’t really set up any furniture yet so i camped out in the floor of the living room. back then i hadn’t learned how to shake these episodes off yet or to tell when one was coming on, so it came over me pretty quick. it was early morning, because the sun was just breaking through the windows. i went all paralised. couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe (or at least it felt like it), nothing. something – i couldn’t see what – pulled the covers down from around my body and standing in the door way to the hall was a child. maybe 5 years old. page boy haircut — it looked like a little girl but it could have been a little boy. just standing there staring at me but he/she was angry. the glare could have probably cut through me there was so much hatred. then my ears started to ring and the child opened its mouth and this peircing, blood curdling scream filled my head. the pain i felt is indescribable. then it released me. i gasped for air, i was crying, and had the worst migraine i think ive ever had. all this while my roommate slept down the hall with her daughter. she never heard a thing. i was so shaken that i had to leave immediately. i know it doesn’t sound so scary, but just how it felt, the pure anger and hatred. i still have nightmares. since then i have learned to control when these episodes come and if i’m not ready to deal with what i might see, then i can usually shake them off.

  3. demon. not sumthing from the movies, real live, on the wall, staring right at me, demon. it was the scariest moment of my life

  4. This is a question for my defense system – for manipulating /entering conscience people use PC and simpleminded produce idiotisms – so the mastership is to know what is artificially produced /on base hidden cadres everywhere/ and what is true vision

  5. aggressive cold ie w/o ny warmth ie support from outside blank blob of consuming destruction freezing overpowering mostly consuming yes all consuming blob eatin smile

  6. They appear scary looking at times because some of them are from higher different dimensions and between stages of manifestation.
    I would say the one that came up fast in my face, it was grayish in color, see through broken up, it had small holes where eyes should be, and it had a ghost like mouth 0.


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