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What is the Roman Catholic view on auras?

By auras I mean the waves of colour around people that some can allegedly see. What’s the Church’s take on that? I tried looking it up in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, but there was nothing.


  1. Catholic artists have been including halos or auras in their art since about 400 C.E.
    An aura, numbus, or halo (from the Greek meaning the disk around the sun or moon) is a ring of light that surrounds holy or sacred people.
    The Church does not seem to have any official teaching on the subject but she does not deny or condemn them either.
    With love in Christ.

  2. I think these are considered in the same vein as New Age beliefs, and hence are rejected as both unscientific and non-Scriptural.

  3. I’d like to learn about auras because I think it would be beneficial if more people coule see them. i just don’t want to rush into it without making sure it’s okay with the church.


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