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what is the role and purpose of aura in a human body ?


  1. Auras don’t have a “role” or “purpose”, they just are.
    If you can see auras you can tell someone’s state of mind and health without speaking to them.
    They help me to avoid angry people and show me when a loved one is not feeling well.

  2. The term ” aura ” is subject to many interpretations, beliefs, and non-beliefs. Some say
    they sense auras, many do not accept auras.
    Some persons in the history of the world have had the ability to influence many other persons
    to follow their messages.
    Many have very vague notions of ” aura”.

  3. Its a very good question. Today our science is limited to five sense organs. This is our bad luck, But there is a huge knowledge which we can study with our mind. This is called new age science. You wil find reincarnation, aura, chakra, soul. karma all these things come under new age study.
    To improve our knowledge beyond this materialistic world we must have to study mind. Otherwise we are half knowledgeable.
    We will get our body requirements by air, food. water, which will be Synthesized in ethereal media before feeding to our organs. Chakras and auras absorb their food fully Synthesized from universe directly. So some people of same weight eat less, while they spend same calorific value of Energy. This extra energy they will get through chakras and auras. Some people live without food and water ( google or youtube prahlad jani yogi)
    Aura are the ethereal media around our physical body. extending from millimeters to kilometers. Usually any decease or any aliment will appear on our ethereal body well before appearing on our physical body. Even by some accidents one will be losing his/her limb in future will be seen by disappearing aura for that part of body quite before. We can treat aura by which can stop appearing aliment on our body. we can see aura with kirlian photography.
    Scanning can be done without any device if practiced, and aliments can be cured with some healing techniques. I am well experienced with these kind of aura, chakras. and got miraculous results. These are all free. anybody can access with some practice. Its for sure one can live without doctor and midi cine.This is most valuable secret knowledge available free to everyone to keep our health and happiness. we have a right to be healthy and happy free of cast. Nature has taken responsibility to provide it to everyone. We are not aware of this because we are all surrounded with materialistic world. We have not been tought in school that there is a world beyond our five sense organs.
    Sad thing is there is no publicity for this. Because this energy cannot be manufactured in factories, so no one will get profit from this.

  4. Human bodies do not have any aura.
    Some Epileptics experience a subjective aura of a sound or light just before an attack of fits

  5. All this talk of ‘aura’ in the human body is stuff and nonsense and a myth created by ‘spiritualists’ who postulate a ‘spirit’ which is superior to the ‘body’.There is no logical proof of this. Man as is well known has evolved from monkey and if he has come up all the way it is not due to any spirit in him or over him or lighting his ways through the dark alleys of evolution with some ‘aura’. He has come up by dint of reaction to the evens he was facing. He had gone wrong many a times. A line of humans which was shorter in height than the present evolved man but was physically more resembling the modern man existed in Africa has disappeared beyond a trace and its existence can be deduced only from bones excavated. This talk of soul,spirit,aura are all the outcome of the blinding of the vision of human beings who ,while they unconsciously reacted to situations wrongly and then retraced their steps and followed the correct path has given rise to such theories about a certain light(aura) outside our body but akin to it and which show man his way through the blind process and road of evolution.

  6. Aura has a very very important role. First of all let see what is an aura. We know every one of human being has Praana (प्राणा), the vital force to run the life. This प्राणा is further divided into seven chakras (चक्र) right from lower spinal to the top of head namely root chakra, hara chakra, solar plexes, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra. Our aura is the mixture of flux of rays of all these seven chakras. These seven chakras are the energy centers, if the energy supply through these chakras to the body is prompt, our aura is seen strong and smooth, but any how due to worries, radiations or food deficiency any of energy centers is blocked, our aura is seen with cuts and we are under diseases, ailments or sickness. Our aura can be seen with an electronic camera, the greater is the spiritual level, the stronger is the aura. Now a days in the coming time scientists are going to invent a device to study aura of every one and they could predict coming of disease within six months with aura scan. You might have seen Halo around great people or saints around their heads, this is their powerful aura,
    In fact through aura we are attached with cosmos, the ultimate treasure of energy, we continuously get energy from cosmos through our top of head located crown chakra and then energy is supplied to other six chakras. In great worries our mind is surrounded with number of thoughts and they come across supply of cosmos energy. That is why when we meditate upon name of God, the flux of thoughts goes on decreasing providing way to coming cosmos energy and abundance of cosmos energy heals our cut and torn aura, healing our etheric body and we become healthy. Please study about aura and chakras and their relation with human body.
    प्रभ कै सिमरनि गरभि न बसै ॥Meditating God, one does not have to enter into the womb again.
    प्रभ कै सिमरनि दूखु जमु नसै ॥Meditating God, the pain of death is dispelled.
    प्रभ कै सिमरनि कालु परहरै ॥ Meditating God, death is eliminated.
    प्रभ कै सिमरनि दुसमनु टरै ॥ Meditating God, one’s enemies are repelled.
    प्रभ सिमरत कछु बिघनु न लागै ॥ Meditating God, no obstacles are met.
    प्रभ कै सिमरनि अनदिनु जागै ॥ Meditating God, one remains awake and aware, night and day.
    प्रभ कै सिमरनि भउ न बिआपै ॥ Meditating God, one is not touched by fear.
    प्रभ कै सिमरनि दुखु न संतापै ॥ Meditating God, one does not suffer sorrow.
    प्रभ का सिमरनु साध कै संगि ॥ The meditative remembrance of God is in the Company of the Holy.
    सरब निधान नानक हरि रंगि ॥२॥ All treasures, O Nanak, are in the Love of the Lord. ||2||
    {{{Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Raag Gauree 262}}}


  8. As I recall, Edgar Cayce said that the aura – an electrical essence is the body
    that the soul inhabits for a time after the physical body dies. I know that some
    Eastern religions have other names for this condition but I do not know their
    exact terminology.


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