What is the right age to start yoga?

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I’m 16 and thinking of starting yoga but im not sure whether im still abit young or whether it the right time to start.What do you think ?

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lianna L

any age there a little kids doing yoga

miss behaves

I’m younger than you and I do it. I asked my doctor–you’re fine.


any age i started at age 3


Never to young to keep yourself in shape!
Really, they have little kids doing yoga too, and at your age, most of your bones have grown enough that there shouldn’t be any sort of issue with that.

Blah Blah Blah

I’ve done yoga for years, since I was 7-8 years. People can do yoga as young as their 8 years old, so you will be fine.

Russian Roulette

My P.E teacher advised us that 15 or 16 is the perfect age to start as it helps you in the long run and keeps you really fit and in shape when you’re older, ESPECIALLY if you keep it up.
Plus it’s a great way to relax, especially with exams and school work.

unknown person...

u can start right now. im in boxing and kung fu and its great for my cardio and im 15

Gator Chomp

If you start when you’re teenager you can keep your youthful flexibility. If you start later it’s much harder to get it back. I started around then when i played football and it really helped me not get injured.
Pretty much the only physical thing you shouldn’t be doing yet is heavy power lifting. It doesn’t do much good until you’re about 18 anyways.


I think it’s the right time for you to start yoga do it while ur young otherwise you wont have the time ^^ or you won’t have the right bones for it…

pirate chic

you can start yoga at any time.
it all depends on yourself.
you don’tt want to push yourself too far.
you alsodon’tt want to start another activity if you have too many already.
i do yoga on the wii fit and it is a great way toexercisee.
my grandparents also go to a yoga class.
so it is never too late to start or too early to begin.


I’m 13 and I love yoga. I am not in a class, but my friend is and she is 11. So she teaches me. Also my mom’s step cousins half sister takes a yoga class and I love to join in. So go ahead and join, not weird at all. 50 year olds do it!


mabey about 5 because kids under 5 cant do it very well but im pretty sure that any one over 5 can
do it i do yoga n im 10=0


Im 11 and i am starting tomorrow at the Y


Any age! It is great to start caring about your health as young as possible.


Any age really. I say go for it. There are plenty of yoga dvd’s out there, a good one to try is “Yoga for dummies…….. 🙂


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