What is the religious/spiritual reference made by The Flaming Lip's song, "Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell"?

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Slightly Dark Francis

It’s an emotional and spiritual despair at the idea that we might be moving on from this stagnant redundant set of strictures…and the realisation that that hope is forlorn, it was purely an intellectual arrogance and too great a faith in the reasoning power in humans to make the right decisions concerning our collective ‘spiritual’ futures. Therefore, all is lost…but we let ourselves get to a ‘hell’ before we gave in to the idea that we could not save ourselves…hence ego-tripping.


Man, dude. Seriously You need to watch some anime. Sure it can be corny in places, and actually very badly drawn in parts, but man, that song’s a bit of a downer. You need to rev your spirit up Ichigo style. Or maybe get into some Feng Shui.
*goes to mininova to download the Flaming Lips album*

Purdey EP

Maybe that excessive pride can be our downfall.


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