Home Discussion Forum What is the religion of a person who is........?

What is the religion of a person who is……..?

born eldest in a hindu family, cast Brahmin (priest), in Punjab (India) where the eldest son is Sikh, got circumcised at age 16, works as a hands on healer and practices buddha’s meditation (Vipassana), and loves all. MAD


  1. That person is whatever religion they choose to be. On the other hand, the person may also choose not to be religious at all.

  2. Do not let many blessings confuse you by having to put a label on it. What ever that person is, is whatever that person chose to be, in alignment with God’s plan, before this person was born. Call it taras. (bridge)

  3. if u said u practice vipassana, then that’s a Buddhist meditation method to realize selflessness and emptiness which will lead u to the ultimate. The ultimate is free from concepts, meaning u should not cling to what religion u belong to.


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