Home Discussion Forum What is the relationship between the fifth and the sixth chakra?

What is the relationship between the fifth and the sixth chakra?

Why are they so closely linked?


  1. Well, they SAY their just “good frends,” but I think we can ALL tell there is totally more going on than that. I mean, did you SEE the way Fifth Chakra was looking at Sixth? I mean really, could they BE anymore obvious about it??
    Seriously though, I have no idea what you mean. Sorry.

  2. Although I am no expert……
    My INTUITION (6th) is telling me that I needed to COMMUNICATE (5th) my answer with you …=)
    the5th and 6th are on either side of the brain (vertically)to me they channel different types of energy and equally emit those ‘polar opposite’ perceptions.
    They both have to do with perception
    the 5th being more ‘concrete’ (based in earthly interpretation of situations and expression) than the 6th, which is sensitive to the ethereal communication waves.
    When 5th is functioning a person has clarity of expression, communication and higher understanding with a heart component.
    when a person is functioning from the 6th they are able to transcend the physical world and communicate beyond the 5th with added insight, telepathic ability and ‘ESP’
    Add the 7th (crown) and you get Divine Knowledge and Universal awareness.
    The skills of the 5th translate and serve as a prerequisite (or hindrance to the functioning of the 6th)

  3. The fifth Chakra, green / security level positive expression, *vitality; drive to. *wealth, store energy. *Confidence. *solves problems.
    The fifth Chakra, green / negative expression, *needs security. *self doubt. *jealousy / selfishness.*love / hate relationships.
    The sixth chakra, violet / imaginary level positive expression, *Tenderness + consideration, *self-surrender, *charming, *wonder.
    The sixth chakra, violet / negative expression, *criticizing, *self denial, *inability to relate.
    All seven Chakra are interdependent on the Kundalini-Sakti, in the human body, “Serpent Power”, energy.


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