Home Discussion Forum What is the relationship between deja vu and human consciousness?

What is the relationship between deja vu and human consciousness?


  1. DejaVu is something that has happened in a dream or vision of some sort I guess, then you experience it.
    Human Conciousness is just experiencing it I dunno
    How come I get bad votes for saying what I thought, yeesh… just trying to help the person!

  2. Deja vu is when the conscious crosses with the subconscience. Your brain is telling you that you’ve seen a certain image before therefore the surounding events must have also happened before. It basically tricks you.

  3. I personally think de ja vue begins as an unconcious /idea thought or scenario and then when we are surrounded by the same circumstance counciously we get that feeling of deja vue.

  4. My hubby took a class and he says the brain thinks so fast, it seems like it has happened before, but it hasn’t,..
    I have a different opinion… I actually remember having dreams of sorts and then even years later think, I remember that dream… I was standing here and some kid walked in and I didn’t know who it was but it was one of my kids who weren’t born yet.

  5. Memory? I get de’ja vu alot because I’m partially physic and ill remember when i dreamed something when that event occurs.. I pay no heed to it. Its insignificant. I must sound crazy… I cant word things rite. I see some thing, that event occurs, and I get deja vu because im seeing the same event twice. I suppose it also has to do with making comparisons, whether its a comparison to an image, a memory or a feeling.

  6. Your human consciousness is probably telling you that a certain scene in real life is like deja vu to something that you saw in a dream once. This happens to me a lot, even though I don’t really talk about it.

  7. I’m not a psych major, but wow, I get deja vu’s all the time! I don’t know why.. and it sort of freaks me out b/c I know whatever it is – I am feeling or sense – has probably NOT happened in my life. But when it does.. whether talking to a certain friend, being at a particular place/city, in the home.. it feels like you’ve been there already. I guess it is true your mind is playing tricks on you. But I wonder why one gets deja vu’s, but not neccessarily dreams. Wouldn’t they be the same thing? That’s the only difference with my deja vus, when I heard others would literally dream them up. The mind is very mysterious.

  8. We are continually drawing on past experiences to help us cope with the present ones.
    Deja vu is the sensation of having been here before after arriving in an unfamiliar place.
    The brain is constantly trying to fill the gaps in our perceptions for us.
    My best example of this is what happens if you were presented with two pictures. One of a man in a crouched position appearing like he is about to leap into the air, and a 2nd one of the man now suspended in the air with his arems & legs extended.
    If you were to be able to rapidly flip between each of these two pictures, your brain would fill in the gaps between the two pictures to create a logical progression, and you could actually “see” the movement of the man as his arms and legs extend, and he leaves the ground. Of course there are only two pictures, but the brain fills in the gaps.
    I think deja vu is created in the brain by this same ability we have to create the missing pictures. If your surroundings are unfamiliar enough, you will be searching in your brain for some sort of familiar experiences to help you cope with the new surroundings, and the brain will try to fill any apparent gaps for you. Since a lot of this brain activity is involuntary, information retained from any one or all of the senses could be triggered.
    So as an example, if you were to catch a whiff of a very familiar smell like cookies just like mom used to bake, and at the same moment you saw a flash of colour from your periferal vision that unconsciously reminded you of the paint on the walls of your childhood home, your brain may close the gap, and generate the sensation that you are in familiar surroundings.
    Sorry if it was lengthy, but as a layman I have no clinical terms to draw on.

  9. Deja Vu is most likely when you’ve experienced or imagined a situation similar to the one you are currently experiencing and you subconsciously remember the previous situation, giving you the feeling you’ve experienced the current situation before.


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