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What is the relationship between consciousness and quantum theory?

What does “consciousness” mean in quantum theory? Is it the same as the general definition of “consciousness,” an alert cognitive state in which we are aware of ourselves and our situation?


  1. There are two big questions that relate to quantum theory and consciousness. One is the scale of basic units of consciousness, are they small enough to be subject to quantum influence? The current science seems to say yes, thought and memory originate at a scale that is subject to quantum effects. The second issue is the influence that awareness seems to have on quantum states, an observable property of the universe were the observer collapses the observed phenomenon into a single state rather then a fog of possibilities. If you peak, you force an outcome. This is perhaps the only thing needed to prove the existence of magic scientifically…Strange that it is so rare to find anyone aware of it…

  2. Consciousness implies that there is something inside of you that tells you ,=you have life.You may call it something which is very basically small and unique,and cannot seen, but its there.
    Quantum theory alludes that there must exist a minute and invisible physical structure that is basic for the existence of the architecture that forms an entity.

  3. Science knows a lot about consciousness and other mental processes. None of what we know requires quantum theory. So, as far as we know, there is no relationship. With time and study, we might eventually discover one.

    Quantum computation in brain microtubules: Decoherence and biological feasibility
    (“Among the many features of brain function not currently understood, subjectivity remains the most problematic, motivating both classical and quantum explanations. …. Or model in microtubules, are potentially able to account for features like the unified nature of conscious experience and subjectivity.”)


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