Home Discussion Forum what is the relationship between consciousness and matter?

what is the relationship between consciousness and matter?

its quite i higher grade question but maybe somebody might know


  1. This is quite an advanced question. What are you reading?
    In short, matter the is the expression of Pure Consciousness. The unexpressed intelligence creates and finds expression in what we call matter. Matter is nothing but the excitation of consciousness.

  2. Matter exists apart from your consciousness . . . .
    It (matter) existed before YOU were born . . . (ask anyone who was here)
    It (matter) will exist AFTER you are dead . . . (you can’t ask them, but, take my word on that one)
    SO, matter has nothing to do with your consciousness . . . .
    This is so funny . . .that people think THEIR perception of matter has anything to do with matter . . . .
    You just aren’t that important . . . .to effect it in any way . . .
    Dan in Miami

  3. There are a lot of theories about such, and there are numerous philosophers throughout time that have explored this topic. If you are looking for definitive proof of those relationships you may be very disappointed, as far as I know none exist yet, though there are scientist whom are exploring a variety of theories on the topic. Two sciences that you might want to look at are Quantum physics and Transcendental physics.


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