what is the relationship between Confucianism and Taoism?

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like what are the differences,similarities, geography, history, rituals, customs etc

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Taoism is more in tune with a shamanistic vibe, while confucianism is more buddhist-orientated.
edit; also, confucianism came later.
p.s; Desmond, confucianism was created in order to appease the buddhist-orientated elite at the time period while still maintaining a Taoist sentiment.
Look harder before you judge.

VETTkinn - Patron God of Boars

There are no sky daddies in both beliefs.


Metaphorically speaking, Confucianism is to Taoism is like Catholicism is to Christianity, except that there are no sky daddies in both beliefs… to quote VETTkinn.
According to history, old dude Confucius admired old dude no.2 Lao Tzu, who was the man behind Taoism. Confucius decided to make his own beliefs based on Taoism, and teach them to his pupils (he was a renowned teacher at that time). Confucius’ beliefs had more to do with morality and the proper way of life. Taoism on the other hand, also has its moralities but also emphasizes on nature, how it all begin and how it affects our daily lives.

Lucas M

Confucianism is social. taoism is universal.

Pietro S

Good questions.
First of all the fact that COnfucianism is younger than Taoism is a bit of Mythology, It really comes from Chuang Tzu (a Taoist Text) that claims that Confucio was older than Lao Tzu. Matter of fact now most academic think that Lao Tzu was not a real figure, and the tao te ching was written by a series of authors. So the fact that confucianism was older is more part of Taoist politics.
Although this might sound strange, most Taoist in China were also Confucuianists. Leaving aside monks and nuns, it was very common for people to first get a job, reach a prominent position in society, and then when they were older, in case, leave everything behind and become a taoist. Now having a prominent position in Chinese society you HAD to be confucianist.
Confucianism and Taoism has a long story together that predates Buddhism arrival in China by several hundred of years. Generally Confucianism advocated law and order, rituals, and family duties as a way to reach a ethical conduct of life. Such ethical conduct was then seen as a pleasing to heaven and a way to reach heaven.
All this was contrary to Taoist point of view, which would advocate adapting to Nature, and following nature, and then letting the natural goodness of a human being come out.
IF those look as opposite it is because they mostly are. But in Chinese thoughts opposites are not seen as enemy but as complementaries. So most people would first become confucianists, learn the rules, laws, of society. And then later forget everything and become a taoist.
As the Tao Te Ching says: forgetting one thing a day.
Geographically they were both from China, althoug COnfucianist would inhabit more the cities, and Taoism more the periphery or mountains. Still you have in Bejing the biggest Taoist Temple (White CLoud Temple). And judges from the capital would represent the emperor, and go to the periphery to make sure people would behave. They were, of course, confucianists.


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