Home Discussion Forum What is the relation between complexity and consciousness / intelligence?

What is the relation between complexity and consciousness / intelligence?


  1. Hi from France
    I think complexity has nothing to do with consciousness and intelligence !.. Although you didn’t precise what is complexity for you on here !
    Have a nice day,

  2. I must first begin with this, consciousness and intelligence are not one and the same, thus your question is perplexed. I will address each separately.
    Intelligence could not exist with out the belief in complexity. Understand that the expression ‘complexity’ is a perception based on one’s position. Nothing more, nothing less. What may complex to one can just as easily be simplistic to another. It is a point of view alone.
    Intelligence is the mind’s means for rationalizing life’s many wonders. Many are very passionate about intelligence. It is a means of substantial measurement by which is a tolerated, even a revered, form of judgment. Intelligence is also a perception. Nothing more, nothing less.
    The beauty of life is not in it’s complexity, but in it’s simplicity. For when we begin to ‘see’ clearly through our hearts, in place of our mind’s eye, the world’s complexities disappear.
    Consciousness is nothing more than one’s awareness of self. To see one’s self clearly, one must surrender to Truth Eternal and thus become Truth itself. The path to Truth is consciousness via becoming the observer to one’s self, recognizing Truth of self, surrendering to Truth and thus becoming Truth through thought, word and deed.

  3. Conscious complexity impersonates a compulsive need for arousing deadly chemicals. Simple consciousness echos This, aping a semi-certain explosion of advancement. Collectively, the simple mind is abundantly comforted with a complex of worldly goods while the complex mind is influentially paid off with the simple mind’s trials and tribulations. Quite upside-down if You ask Me!


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